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Shoe Money). I wanted to point it out as a promotional idea.  The idea has been turning heads and getting decent traffic... it is now under 25K on alexa (not bad for a site that is only 3 months old). 
For those who haven`t heard of MDW, it is a pay-per-page version of wikipedia, though instead of explaining terms - you get more practical information.  The Free Samples page provides updated links to get free samples and free stuff online...etc.
The owner controls the content on their keyword/page.  Each page costs $100 - you can get traffic to your website, profit off of ads or even sell your page down the road.
I brought this up today because it just sold 150 pages yesterday and other big progress has happened...  you can read more on his Million Dollar Blog - The Creator has made it on the front page of his college paper and front of another local paper.


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    It`s not just for selling products:
    -you can promote your name, brand or website. 
    -You could provide services, sell products, make money off of ads and affiliate programs. 
    -You could claim a great keyword, sit on the page with adsense and look to rent or resell your page down the road.
    $100 is a one time fee.  Which lasts at least 15 years.  I don`t know what I`ll be doing in 5.     $100/$16 = 6.25 months... anything after 7 months you are paying more for the ebay store.
    I like that the price is $100 because it means that spammers will not devalue the site with keyword jibberish and porn.  The lower the price, the more people willing to buy - but the more people who are willing to throw that kind of money away.  $100 is an ammount the average person won`t waste.  Most of the investors will be actually trying to make a profit on their purchase and bring value to the site.  IMO the model is pretty solid and definately profitable for some.
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    We have a Million Dollar Wiki site. You can check it out here. Too soon to tell what it will do in terms of driving traffic to our site, but $100 for 15 years is a very small amount to pay to drive even a little traffic.
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