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Branding - Product name or Company name? Please Help Newbie..

MattCMattC subscriber Posts: 10
edited March 2008 in Marketing
I am developing a nutritional supplement business but I`m having a bit of a dilemma about marketing and my website.. should i develop a site around the product name or the company name...  (hypothetical example)..
Say I`m developing a supplement for people who have red hair and its called Fiery Red and the company name is Hair Color 4 Life.  But I have plans to create Super Fiery Red and Super Duper Fiery Red and broaden my product line to include supplements for Blondes. 
Up until now Ive been planning on developing the website (HC4L) and have FR as a product on it.  But initially should the site be www.fieryred.com as a full standalone site?  And in my print ads have visit www.fieryred.com? 
Or should I have the print ads drive to www.haircolor4life.com and have it be about the company and product. 
Am I over-analyzing this?


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    MattCMattC subscriber Posts: 10
    Thanks for the responses everyone.
    I think I am going to develop the website around my one and only product in order to drive sales for that specific product.  On the about us page I can mention the company name and how this is the launch product and in the literature I send to my new customers I can mention the company name to generate some awareness. 
    But from a purely strategic standpoint I think it makes more sense to advertise  and totally support this one product rather than dilute the messaging with a currently unrecognizable and unknown company name that could since up confusing or alienating customers.
    The ads, accompanying URL, and website will all be about the product.
    Plus I was thinking, from my own personal experience with sports nutrition and supplements I always learned about and bought a brand/product first and then learned about the company and kept up to date on their new offerings. 
    Thanks for the advice everyone, I`ll keep you all up to date!
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