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Hello denizens of SN! Nice to meet you.

stoaviostoavio subscriber Posts: 3
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My name is Mason Galindo. I`m a freelance web designer and small business owner hailing from Michigan. I found Startup Nation by happenstance via StumbleUpon, an excellent browser add-on that greatly facilitates the discovery of new websites based on your interests. It`s definitely worth checking out. I decided to join SN because I`m at a pivotal point in my life which, unfortunately also appears to be an impasse. I`m a young, college student looking for business ideas and seeking direction in my entrepreneurial pursuit to success. The small business that I run (and I use that term loosely) is a web hosting company. Since I`m new to the forums, I`m not sure if this is a topic that`s already been discussed ad nauseum, but for those of you unaware, it`s a highly saturated industry that`s relatively low risk to enter and easy to operate in. The business is almost entirely self sufficient requiring very little attention from me other than to field the occasional support ticket. I think it may be time to consider selling it.What I`m looking for now is something new, fresh and stimulating. Something that allows me to utilize some of my existing skills as a tech savvy young person while at the same time allowing me to cultivate my business acumen. I`m tired of starving for ideas so I`m resolving myself to meeting new people, growing my personal and professional network and learning new things along the way, with the help, of course, of the members on this board! I think starting my own business and being an autodidact are two things that will eventually lead me to where I want to be. I`m a marginal student, as I have little interest in school and don`t advance very well in a structured learning environment. I observe so much more growth in myself when I`m attached to a project I`m passionate about and invested in. I enjoy working with teams and naturally assume leadership roles. This post certainly grew greater in length than I expected, sorry for that!It`s getting late so I`d better wrap this up. I look forward to posting more and meeting some new people. Feel free to contact me either in the forum or privately, especially if you have business ideas you`d like to bandy about.Regards, Mason stoavio2007-8-6 1:44:40


  • stoaviostoavio subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Craig, nice to meet you. I`m glad you responded. I was just reading through some of your other posts and was wondering if you`d make your way over here. I`ll definitely be doing some poking around in the forums and I`ll try out your suggestion for searching. Any thoughts about transforming a hobby into a career? As I reflect on my hobbies, they are revolve primarily around a computer. Yikes! I`ll have to do a little more thinking on that. One thing that concerns me about transforming a hobby into a career is that then, you`ve basically just sacrificed a hobby! This is something I`ll have to think on more. Thanks for the warm welcome. -Mason  
  • stoaviostoavio subscriber Posts: 3
    Great post Craig. I`ll be checking out those resources. I`ll be 20 years old this December. My interest with computers isn`t to repair them, as I`ve already done that for several years and learned it wasn`t my cup of tea, and it would also be considered a conflict of interest seeing as I work at Best Buy where they offer computer repair services. Allow me to digress -- Best Buy is merely a job that affords me a small side income as well as a considerable discount on almost anything I purchase from the store. I don`t think I`ll ever be able to pay retail price for things like USB cables and other accessories again since I know what cost is on them! My real interest in computers all stems from web and graphic design. Identity development, product and package design, typography, SEO, information architecture, usability etc. My goal right now is to start honing in some potential business ideas, meeting some people and taking advantage of the valuable resources provided by the community. Thanks again for your post. It`s going on 4:00am here so I better call it good for tonight. -Mason
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I think 
    has done a great job in providing some direction for your search. I just wanted to chime in and say "Welcome to SuN." You will find some wonderful resources here. With any luck, you will be inspired by the conversations and find your next career path. If nothing else, you`ll meet some helpful people and possibly make some long term friends. Hope to read your comments and original posts as time goes on. 
  • stoaviostoavio subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Vincent. I agree, Craig has been very helpful. I`m really enjoying myself here so far. Thanks!  
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello Mason and Welcome!!  You seem so driven and ripe for the entrepreneurial muse to whack you over the head.  (Yeah... she`s never gentle)  You`ve gotten so much great advice, I can`t wait to hear what direction you choose.  I just wanted to take a moment to say Howdy!    Please keep us posted and I`m sure I`ll see you around the board. 
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