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need help!!

countryframercountryframer subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2007 in Marketing
Hey everyone im starting out a construction business  (concrete/wood framing etc.) and was wondering does anybody have any idea for a company name?? i have some ideas but i dont; think theyre any good
Desirous Developments
Abstract homes
im looking for  something catchy yet informative if you could please help me out thanks!!!!


  • sokogoosesokogoose subscriber Posts: 0
    I run a construction company myself so I understand this initial phase of "getting off the ground" and looking for the right name to carry your business. But sometimes we look for too much in a name and lose sight of the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. I`ve been in the construction business for several years and here`s what I can tell you that might be of some use.
    Our business is flooded with everyone and his brother that more or less "fell" into the career of fixing, repairing, or remodeling. That`s not to say that everyone in the industry started out because they didn`t know how to do anything else, but from my experience that`s what I see. As you drive around in the area that you live without a doubt you will see trucks and vans with someone`s name on the side. They of course do whatever it is you see on the side of the truck. Framing, concrete, siding, painting and any number of other things that someone has a need for. I can tell you that, for most of them but not all, have developed into companies that do those things soley based on the demand of their customers. What does that mean? Most contractors do what they do because of their customers referrals. If your very first customer asks you to do concrete work for him and you do an exceptional job, they will refer you to someone else that needs concrete work. Most likely. Now you are in the concrete business. Simply by default.
    I know what your thinking. What does any of that have to do with the name of my business? Simple, unless you intend to build up such an organization as to franchise it that you need a name to market to the masses, then it doesn`t matter. Catchy names and logos will only take you so far. The business you are in does not rely on its name as much as its reputation. My suggestion to you is use your name and make it synonymous with QUAILITY, EXCELLENCE, BEAUTY, and PERFECTION. Everyone has heard the name Morgan Stanley, Donald Trump, Toll Brothers. These names and their meaning are only based on the reputation they have built.
    Use your name with pride. Build YOUR reputation because you are the best at what you do. Get people talking about YOU and you will succeed.
    Final words of wisdom. Complete every job 100% always, no exceptions. Never leave anything unfinished. Do exactly what you promised and you will have more business then you can handle!!
    Best of luck!!
    sokogoose12/12/2007 10:42 PM
  • LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    I`ve always thought that a constuction company would come up with their name and use a subtitle like "Building Foundations for Families to Grow"  or something about building foundations as everybody knows that anything that lasts, weather is be career, home, relationships, etc needs a good foundation to make it last.
    Good Luck!  Do good work and don`t take short cuts. 
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