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Pet Sitting Business

terriberryterriberry subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello All,
  I`m going to be starting a pet sitting business, I already have a name and I`m getting all the details together, but I looked at the competition and they are pretty will set up and they are a couple of cities over from me, according to what they show on their web-site they have over three thousand customers, should I be intimidated by this?  Also do I need to trademark my business name? 


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    BizOptimizerBizOptimizer subscriber Posts: 1
    Intimidated - no.  Trademarks are probably not your first priority when you start unless you have one of those stupendous once in a lifetime names.  Need to focus on what competition does right and what you are going to do better.  Getting licencesed and bonded are probably higher on the list than trademarks. 
    Trademarks will come in time as you build a brand - but you have to get it off the ground first.  If you need a closer look, the franchises in that industry are always looking for temp labor - then you get an inside look.
    Good luck.
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    DanRosbackDanRosback subscriber Posts: 0
    Great idea,  I have thought about starting a pet sitting business before. But I got into internet marketing instead. Position your business above your competition.  Always turn negatives into positives.  All your ad copy should state the benefits that your small company will provide. Example: you can have more time to focus on each animal. Maybe you can even pick up their pet to make it easier for them if that is possible for you.  Make it happen, good luck.
    DanRosback5/12/2009 11:16 PM
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    infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It will be good to do a check on the demograhics, population stastics, pet ower staistics and checking out the competition before starting it.
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    crica888crica888 subscriber Posts: 0
    I think that is difficult to have the first clients... after all will be very good... the client will bring more clients. you will see.
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    metro2metro2 subscriber Posts: 1
    About 40% percent of Americans own at least one dog and about 62% of Americans own some type of pet. I think the pie is big enough for everybody.
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