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Golf Travel Agent Website Critique

GolfasianGolfasian subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
Please critiqu my website at http://www.golfasian.com</A>
Also i am loking for a webmaster and web design individual. Does anyone have any recommendations or referrals.Golfasian2006-12-24 9:5:46


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    GolfasianGolfasian subscriber Posts: 2
    The correct adress is http://www.golfasian.com</A>
    Sorry for any confusion caused
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I love the different language options. I only speak English, but what a great tool to offer visitors from around the world. I did find a broken link on my short visit. It`s on the homepage. The link is, "single or multi-centre holiday".The colors look good and I thought the general layout was appealing.
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    jmgroupjmgroup subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Mark,
    I am a web designer here in Palm Beach County where golf is HUGE, as you probably know! You have a handsome and clean site. Small comment re. Google analytics script in your code. I think you need to put it above the </body> tag for it to work properly. FYI, here is my portfolio: http://www.jmgroup.net/portfolio</A>.
    Best regards,Marcia CoffeyJuno Beach, Florida
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    PurveyorPurveyor subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Mark,

    Very nice site indeed!

    If you don`t mind me asking, what booking software or provider did you
    implement into your website?  It works fairly smoothly.  I am just
    starting to explore the possibility of creating a diving site where
    people can book online, and would be interested to know if you can
    recommend a good solution?

    Vancouver Island, Canada
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    GolfasianGolfasian subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for all the feedback, especially about SEO. I am a do-it-yourselfer and have had good success with ranking for around 100 keywords, going after the most relavent words, but do agree the site should be a balance between SEO and user readability.
    I m not sure if I agree with HDean`s advise as I have found going for the larger "catch" has much more business results than the "long tail", which is used by information seekers rather than buyers.
    Let me know if anyone else has similar or differeing experiences as this may be highly industry specific.
    Thanks,MarkGolfasian2007-5-21 21:33:57
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