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Name that business....

MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Business Planning
So the business name thread got me thinking.... I "use" Snow Business Solutions (I say "use" because I don`t actually have my business up and running yet) but the yellow pages sales man actually asked me, "What`s a snow business? Do you, like, sell snow stuff?"  Umm, no, I do bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, human resources, word processing, etc.  So even though I hadn`t thought too much about the name until now, I`m thinking about re-visiting the question.  Especially after seeing the post about the strong vs. weak marks. I did visit word lab but didn`t get too much help there. Here are some of the words and phrases I`m playing with. (I want to be suggestive without being too generic) Also, my tagline is "You run the business, we`ll run the numbers!"
Book Smarts
Book Bug
Brain ____
Brain Cents?
Sweet Cents


  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    Alright, so my first choice, CentsAbility is being used by a New York nonprofit, the Girl Scouts and a Presbyterian Hunger Program! Does that mean I can`t use it?? I`m really bummed cuz that was my best one!
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Yes, I liked that too, and I wouldn`t use it. Keep digging and you will come up with the right name. Something that fits you, and your business. You have the power to think of anything you want. Just... think... relax... and think.relax... and think.      relax... and think.                relax... and think. (whispering softly)
  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    I know it will come to me if I just stop "racking my brain." Since Snow is my last name I never thought of it as "the white stuff" before. Just as a name. But now I see how confusing it might be to someone who just looked it up and/or doesn`t know me. Thanks for taking the time to reply!!
  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    ha ha. Those are some good suggestions. I don`t really think anyone will notice the name change though. I don`t have any customers yet!!
  • SnoMonSnoMon subscriber Posts: 4
    Call it brainstorming, but as I finished reading the thread, I sort of said aloud to no one in particular, since it`s just me and my laptop, "SnowCents".  "To you it may make SnowCents, but numbers are our business."Just sharing...that`s what I love about brainstorming.  Plus I`m a little biased with the whole "snow" thing. Best of luck to you.  Choosing a biz name can be a grueling task, but an "oh-so important one."
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    MCSnow... That was my point with advertising the name change. No one knows who you are, but no one knows you are not the best in the business. Reasons not to change a name mostly surround alienating your current customers. Right now, you haven`t any. That means you get the opportunity to place advertising about a name change to a business that is actually just starting.ElidS... I like those ideas.
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    MC Snow,
    Personally, I like B2B professional businesses that contain the owner`s name. Instead of Snow Business Solutions, why not (assuming your first name is Matt) Matt Snow Business Solutions. I believe a person`s name attached to the business is beneficial. Matt Snow (first name/last name) eliminates for me any confusion as to what is Snow Business Solutions.
    As far as a tagline goes ... when constructing a tagline, start with your USP, Unique Selling Proposition. Brainstorm on that and you will come up with a good tagline. Example: GE ... We bring good things to life. I`m sure you can think of many more that you hear everyday. Try to keep it short, not cutesy. Think of words that don`t normally go together. Example: A land surverying company that does work for subdivision builders might say "We plot your success." Try to capture what you offer to your customers in as few words as possible. Some would say this is an elevator pitch - I don`t. Once you are comfortable with your USP, you`ll know it.
    It might just be me, but cutesy names for professional B2B just doesn`t do anything for me. When I see a person`s name on the business, I can usually count on them standing behind it. JMHO.
  • LessAccountingLessAccounting subscriber Posts: 1
    lets see how about...nobooksor makingcentssince you`re a bookkeeper do you mind helping me?I need beta testers for my company`s productLessAccounting.com
  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    Okay, thanks for the advice. I understand what you`re saying about the B2B aspect of not having a "Cutesy" name. So, you think adding my first name (it`s Marisa, by the way) would eliminate the confusion? Marisa Snow Business Solutions.
    Richard, you seemed to imply that my tagline needs some work, too.  I thought it was pretty good... what don`t you like?
    Craig, I`m not sure how to post my logo here but it`s on my profile page. Does it need help too? Obviously if I`m adding my first name I need to figure out where to add the M if I keep it, but do you think I should scrap it and start over?
    Thanks everyone!!
  • MCSnowMCSnow subscriber Posts: 1
    Well, the logo is from the name.... so SBS stands for Snow Business Solutions already. SBS Business Solutions is a little redundant.
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