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Spider Web Marketing - SuN experts opinion please

SandraSSandraS subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2008 in Marketing
SuN experts - Craig, or whoever - I checked this outfit out - SpiderWeb Marketing, because a SuN member was tauting it. She is a member herself. Tell me what you think of it. This is an email I recently received from them. I get the feeling they`re a network marketing scheme that would be a sidetrack from my own business.
Thanks for the imput.
In Health, SandraHey SANDRA,
You may not know this but according to all the
laws of science that I have been able to research since November 8th
2006 I should not be breathing right now. I should have been dead for
nearly two years, but obviously I am not. It is actually quite a
fascinating and motivational story. I was in a terrible, fatal boating
accident in which my brother and his wife died. I was faced with odds
of certain death and made it out of the lake to share my story with you.
life lessons I have learned from this experience have been the main
determining factor behind the wild success I have been able to create
in the last 6 months. I have developed a success formula that if
followed will guarantee your success in anything that you can imagine.
You can find success in any endeavor, you will be able to make it
through any difficult circumstance that life may throw at you. You can
even overcome certain death. I did... and then I followed the same
process to create the most successful internet marketing system ever
released (489,641 prospects and 135,756 new affiliates in 6 months)...
Now I am revealing the same process to you 100% *F*R-E*E.
I revealed it all on a webinar I did last week, you can watch it by clicking this link: www.FoggiestClue.com/songofhealth
- Do you have the Foggiest Clue how to increase your after tax take
home income by as much as $200-$800 or more per month before you ever
generate a single SWS prospect, sell anything at all or refer anyone
into your business?? I do, let me show you) This new capture page is
already available for you to use in your back office. Login to check it
4. And of course make sure to keep checking the www.SpiderWebEvents.com page to find out about the upcoming webinars and training calls.
That`s about it for now. Make sure to login to your account to see all the new features.

Members Area Login Page

Username: songofhealth
Password: tamappy
Thanks, and "Just Keep Spinning..."
Kimball Roundy
Creator, <a rel="nofollow" id="tempLinkable">Spider.Web</a> M`arketing


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