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 Hi, my name is Michelle. I wasn`t sure if I should post here or in Homepreneurs, because my question is a little of both. I have a small web hosting operation of 6 people, and a server farm based out of my home. With the sales contracts lined up and a go-live of 1/1/2008, we`re hitting the ground running. Especially at the beginning, I need a smooth line of communication between my people and the customers. So I`m figuring out how to "man the phones". The ideal situation would be a receptionist, but where would I put this person? I am curious how other web hosts stay in touch with customers...
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    Sounds like a Virtual Assistant would be a good solution for you. There are several independent ones here on SUN and I work with a Virtual Staffing Agency. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
    Good luck and congratulations!
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    Do you even need a receptionist? I just divested from part of a Geek-Squad type startup (the hours were way too much), there was 24 employees mostly working from our homes or from from the road using a virtual phone system. Of all the options I looked into, Gotvmail was the most flexible and responsive. Calls routed by extension to each of us over voice- and email. It worked too well because work would always find me.
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    I agree the Virtual Assistant is a good method.
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    I think you want your phones answered by a live person as much as possible. Plus your customers calling in might not know who they need to speak to and a receptionist can help facilitate this. It`s just good customer service and will more than pay for itself!
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