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New Site Feedback - www.INeedThingsDone.com

LukeHepburnLukeHepburn subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2009 in Website Critique
Hi guys,
I would be keen to get your feedback both on the site`s design and the service itself. (Including cost etc) on my new website www.INeedThingsDone.com. The site is now open for registrations and job postings but I haven`t announced it yet or done any promotion as I was keen to get some feedback first and really esnure I have a good launch plan. Perhaps you can help me with ideas on this. I`m solely an individual who wanted to help people so I don`t have a huge amounts of money, but I have ambition which I hope is enough.Did I build the site myself, what was my goals.
I`ve built this site completely on my own. I`m not the best design wise guy but I`m pretty capable with coding. I`ve tried to the best design wise I can. The goal of the site was to get it up and running quickly and to make it easy to read, use and understand without making it to complex.What my site is about.
The website is about helping people get jobs done, especially with helping out people who maybe struggling financially but still deserve to get things done. On the flip side it`s also about helping out people who have the skills to do work but perhaps can`t find work, are unemployed, working from home, stay at home mums or just having troubles finding leads. The idea is simple. People post jobs for a small fee ($3.50 USD), they`re alowed to post 3 pictures with the job either showing what needs doing or how they want something to turn out.They can also record and upload a video to You-Tube and embed this as well, and they have the option to choose multiple people. The jobs can be anything, home repair, car repair, design work, office work, pick up trash from my yard, deliver something...etc etc etc, the possibilities are endless.
From here the community offer to do the job. They can offer to do the job for standard price or offer to do the job for a higher price. If they offer a higher price they can post comments as to why the offer is higher. There comments will be visible to people.
The person who posted the job can look through the profiles of the people offering to do the job. The profile page shows information about them and also has previous job feedback listed on the page with pictures of their finished work. The profile page can also show a link to the users LinkedIn account to show their feedback on that site also.
The user chooses who they want and that person comes and does the job, the job poster pays the person and then comes back to the site to close the job. To close a job all they need to do is give feedback to the user. The feedback system is simple and also allows you to upload images of the finished product. This helps the user get more jobs in the future.
The system is about trusting people, but the user has to take this responsibility. If it helps people gets things done then I think people are ok with that. I also have RSS set-up so people can create feeds specific to their country etc. With these feeds I have created facebook fan pages so that jobs appear on users walls to help spread the word and empower the community. I`ll also be posting the feeds to twitter etc. (Example facebook page is here )
My mum is a pensioner and owns her own home, she can`t afford to get her house fixed up because quotes are way to high for her. With this site I`m hoping she can finaly get things done.
Let me know if you have any questions, feedback etc, would love to hear people`s thoughts and whether you think this is a good idea or not. I`m looking for any support for launching my site also. I`m happy to show links on my site to sites that review and spread the word about my site, I`m also willing to give all your members a free job posting with a coupon code specific to your site also that gives the users $3.50 credit. (That was built in for my launch plan)


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    LukeHepburnLukeHepburn subscriber Posts: 1
    Gees thanks Graig, some great honest feedback that I think is going to make a lot of difference.
    I`ll look at changing this and playing with it tomorrow (late here in Aus). I`m not to sure what to put in the content area on the home page just yet but I`ll focus more on posting jobs that need doing. Not to sure how to promote the offer services bit as the offering is more about people coming in and offering to do the posted jobs, it isn`t really a service directory.
    Any more thoughts and ideas please let me know, that was great feedback, thanks mate.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    To me, the overall concept is OK, but there are too many lists on the front page, so I`m not sure which I should be concerned with. The "Category Experts" makes me guess what its` purpose is; I guess it`s how many jobs are in those areas, but if that`s the case, then it would make sense to make each line a link to that category ... "Recent Jobs" doesn`t do me, as a potential user, any good ... why do I care what services and help others have worked out?
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    asEZasABnCasEZasABnC subscriber Posts: 1
    Putting a site together is only one step in the process.
    There is not relevancy between some very important aspects of search engine optimization - title tag, description and key words.
    I think you ought to focus on what makes you different and then market  it!
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    LukeHepburnLukeHepburn subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve been playing around with the homepage, what are your thoughts on the new homepage? Ignore any missing links or strange things, I`m constantly working on it.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Nice idea... good presentation.
    The page is just a little "busy", but not very distracting.
    The bulleted text... maybe make a little darker so it is easier to read.
    You might want to be more up front about your fee. In your user agreement you mention you charge a fee to post a job; you do not mention the amount $ or %.  This should not be a surprise to the viewer. It should be more visible... at least on the post a job page (not just in the user agreement.
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    LukeHepburnLukeHepburn subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks again for the feedback, I`ve made the changes to open in a new page, and moved the "register free" to the middle, all good points. I`ll have to play with the buttons at the top, but I`m sure I can change this over the next few days. I`ve also fixed up some of the SEO stuff too.
    I guess I`m getting closer to launch and I`m really hoping it goes well. Like I said, I`ll be giving sites who want to do a write up about the site free job posting codes as one thing. Any other suggestions from anyone who have launched a "pay for" site? What else should I include in making the launch as successful as possible. I had in mind contacting big sites and giving their readers codes, I was also thinking of jumping into various forums and doing the same once I got permission from mods etc.
    I appreciate everyone`s help here, the advice and tips have been great, what a great friendly community there is here, you`re all open to sharing such good advice.
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    ViclogicViclogic subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Luke.
    IMO, the text in orange color at the top of your page looks not great.
    The blue and white colors are my favorite. The rest, may need improvement.
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    sipmarketingsipmarketing subscriber Posts: 3
    The site is a little busy and the colors are a bit hard on the eyes. I like the concept of this website ALOT!
    I think you would really benefit from some professional design and marketing insight for this.
    Keep up the good work man, I really think this idea could fly!
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    LukeHepburnLukeHepburn subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks again guys, I agree, design wise it still can be better. As I stated in my original post a couple of weeks back is that I`m in no way a designer, I can code alright and make things work etc but just suck at the design. I`ll be looking to improve on this in the future.
    My biggest hurdle at the moment is getting more poeple to use the site. I can`t spend big money on marketing the site sadly. I opened it up about 3-4 days ago and the site has received about 330 registrations as of today. I think this is excellent to get in just 3 or so days. The sad thing it looks like most people joining are the helpers which is great, what I need is the jobs.
    I`m wondering if I should rethink the model a little bit. A lot of feedback I have gotten has been that people love the idea and things it`s great. But I don`t know whether these people are the chickens or the eggs, and that seems to be the issue at the moment that I`m having. Should I be charging to post jobs, could I be more profitable on pageviews and visits alone with banners.....? I`m not to sure, any business/marketing minded people on startupnation. Always keen to hear any feedback, am I jumping the gun seeing it`s only been 3-4 days?
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