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Renewable Energy Wind Turbines - Seeking Business Angel



  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    Winggen, thank you for clarification.
    1. Please remove the photoshoped photos. They are so obviously fake that they will only make potential investors to have doubts.
    2. Post a video of it in operation on YouTube. You never know who will see it and what kind of oppotunities it may bring.
    3. The 300W and 1.5KW units you mentioned in your original post are not on your website. What are the sizes of them? Your 3KW unit will be too big to be used on the roofs in the city. As a potential customer myself (I have looked at solar panels to reduce our engergy bills), I am quite interested in knowing all the details of your offering.
    4. How fast does the tubine spin? Is it safe? You may need to offer a optional cage for the smaller models.
    5. Can they be daisychained? For example, it would make more sense for me to install several small ones on the roof than one huge one, because I don`t want neighbors to complain.
    6. US investors (or potential partners) would be demanding that you have US patent protection. Any plan to file US patent?
  • shamilshamil subscriber Posts: 0
    We have a patent to generate electricity from wind. The system consists of a wind turbine driving an air pump, collecting the air in a piping network and feeding it to the air inlet of a turbine, add fuel as needed and generate power independant of wind speed.  For details visit www.renewableenergypumps.com
    Kindly express your interest in the system and the mode of cooperation.
    Best regards
  • sjohnson2sjohnson2 subscriber Posts: 0
    Been reading through the post  and what an exciting project WingGen. Unfortunately I`m not able to help you with your business strategy, but I`ll be watching this forum for updates.
    again ... I`m very excited by this.
    Sam .................... power your world with a wind generator
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