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love777love777 subscriber Posts: 13
Is Subdomains each link you have on your site to a different page?


  • olegoleg subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Imagine you have a website with the URL www.mywebsite.com</A>
    Now let`s say you want to add a blog to your site, with the URL of blog.mywebsite.com.  That would be a sub-domain.  If instead your blog URL is blog, it is not a sub-domain.
    The best example I can think of is Yahoo.  mail.yahoo.com and news.yahoo.com are sub-domains of the www.yahoo.com</A>.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... This is how I understand it... I have a subdomain because I have built a personal website that I direct friends and family too. If I used "ElusiveTreasures.com/personal" the content would be held on the server of ElusiveTreasures.com. Since my store is held on that server it`s in a secure location. That means my personal site would need to be secure (if placed on the secure server). Therefore I created a subdomain such as http://personal.elusivetreasures.com (of course it`s not really "personal" for my subdomain.). This allows all content for the subdomain to reside on an unsecure server. (there`s really no reason for security of my personal pages. so I don`t want to pay for a secure server space.)I don`t know if those reasons are completely correct, but that`s my reasoning.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I suppose you could if you wanted the main domain, such as "gonnaberich.com," to be found in each of those subdomain names. For example "clothing.gonnaberich.com."Please... someone correct me if I am wrong. I am not great with this stuff... but I think my comments are correct.
  • john146john146 subscriber Posts: 0
    Deleted.john1462007-9-22 20:36:0
  • JoeJustinJoeJustin subscriber Posts: 1
    Craig,The personal web site that was recommended was a good example of why to use a subdomain.  However, if you are going to set up a business where you have a main business and a bunch of other ones under the main.  I would go as far as even recommending a different hosting company.The reason is because all the different companies can benefit by linking to one antoher.  If you are using the same hosting site with subdomains your IP addresses will be in the same range and search engines will know that you are the same person hosting all of your websites, so you won`t be rewarded for backlinking to your sites.
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