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Posting Pictures on your Website

love777love777 subscriber Posts: 13
I am thinking of starting my own website. But have some questions.
My first question is:
Is it legal to post pictures of places on your website. For instance - on tripadvisor so many people post pictures of the hotels they stay at....is that okay since they own the picture? There is no problem with the actual hotel that pictures be put on a website - same goes for like restaurants etc.....if I take the pictures or a vistor on my website can they post pictures of whatever they want as long as its their picture?


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    unless the hotel or shop has some policy against it, they (customer) took them so they own the rights. Yoiu might want to write your site policy so that any copyright infringment with photos would be the sole responsibility of the user, not you. So if Holiday Inn had photos on your site and wanted them down, you could remove them FOR them, but legal battles would be directed towards the poster of the images. If possible you want to legally wash your hands of any responsibility for it, however hosting the image has some responsibility attached to it so........
  • love777love777 subscriber Posts: 13
    Thank you for the repsonse!
    Is that something I`d want to ....ask each place if I can place pictures?
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