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Starting a bar/nightclub



  • SmartRacoonSmartRacoon subscriber Posts: 1
    im probaly the least qualified to tell you about business or nightclubs since im only 18 and dont even have an associates
    any kind of business, you are going to need alot of foresight, planning, and information.
    always think things 5 steps ahead.
    and advertising, get some really good promoters. Better yet, do it with some of your friends. Club promoter is just as fun as being in the vip except you can choose which sexy ladies to invite to your club. try getting on tv. there are alot of people who are looking for something to do at night. modern club, im guessing start up is 200,000-400,000. up to 1-2 million if its a high class nightclub like on the vegas strip
    and i realllllly really suggest moving to a big city suburb preferrably one with a college nearby. If you really want to get dirty, go to the college and crash every party you can find. and if your nightclub is near the college and all the partys are getting crashed, good chance you will get more customers. but, this is just an idea i got 10 seconds ago. lol. might work, might not. preferably do it behind the scenes so the kids dont know its you whos doing it. if they find out, you just shot yourself in the foot big time
    bottom line advice from me is focus on having a comfortable club (like that other guy said if you attract the women, they will attract the men), very good marketing, at least 1 investor, im not sure how many you really would need, and a good location
  • jobssteve5jobssteve5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Starting a bar/nightclub is good idea. I would have to agree. Such as magazines or associations. I have been very interested in the brewing industry. Present youth very trendy they like parties nightclubs.

  • artimusartimus subscriber Posts: 0
    You may want to consider doing some heavy promotions and also offer special perks to bar patrons that spend more money. When I started offering bottle service, I did a lot of research and found that simply attaching bottle sparklers to your premium liqours before you birng them to the table can increase sales by over 20%. I only saw an increase of between 7% and 10%, but I am also able to charge a little more for the bottles without anyone complaining. Anyways, good luck and I hope you find the pathe to higher profits!
  • TomRNLTomRNL subscriber Posts: 0
    Great post. We have a few more tips on managing nightclubs on our blog
  • DylanKnightDylanKnight subscriber Posts: 0
    I was thinking of creating a unique styled deodorant/mint/condom dispenser for night clubs.
    For both men and womens bathrooms.
    Does anyone believe this could be a valid idea?

  • marcolicani1marcolicani1 subscriber Posts: 0
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  • JulienOrmidalJulienOrmidal subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks, the guide is quite ok even tough there is some points missing.
  • ElcactusElcactus subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for the guide
    tell me how!!
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