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Please critique my Press Release

lolostxlolostx subscriber Posts: 6
edited June 2008 in Public Relations

I`m reposting this because I posted it in the wrong forum. 


I`m preparing a press release for PRWeb.  I`ve never written one and would appreciate some feedback on the draft I`ve prepared.  Thanks!



New Gift Consulting Service Helps Busy Shoppers Find Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts.

That Perfect Something’s Perfect Gift Consulting service saves last minute shoppers seeking Father’s Day gifts time and helps shoppers find creative Father’s Day gifts.

New York, New York, June __ 2008. Last minute shoppers seeking Father’s Day gift ideas can now put their minds to ease.  The Perfect Gift Consulting service, recently launched by That Perfect Something, will find Father’s Day Gift ideas in half time it would take normal shoppers.  The Gift Consulting service also provides unique gift ideas customized to a gift recipient’s interests and personality.

Lois Jeffers, the president and founder of That Perfect Something believes, “Father’s Day is the ideal time to utilize the Perfect Gift Consulting Service.” Ms Jeffers says, “Shoppers tend to wait until the last minute to purchase Father’s Day gifts, because it’s harder to find creative gift ideas for men.  And, as a result they resort to purchasing uninspired gifts like clothing, electronics, and cologne.”

That Perfect Something’s Gift Consulting Request Service makes it easy for shoppers to find Father’s Day gift ideas.  A client seeking gift ideas submits a Gift Consulting request form on which the client creates a gift recipient profile by answering questions about the recipient’s interests and personality, in addition to other questions geared towards helping the Gift Consultant locate appropriate gifts.

Once the Gift Consultant reviews a client’s Gift Consulting request and locates gifts that match the Gift Recipient’s profile, the Consultant sends the client a Perfect Gift Idea Portfolio via email which contains two to three customized gift ideas, purchase and price information, and reviews.

That Perfect Something’s Gift Consulting Service costs $19.99 per gift consulting request.  The company is currently offering a Father’s Day promotion where clients receive 15% off all gift consulting requests.

That Perfect Something is a personal services company based in New York City.  The company offers a national Gift Consulting service, and Gift Concierge and Gift Shopping Companion Services in New York City.

For more information about That Perfect Something and to learn more about the company’s services, please visit
or email



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    sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    What keywords did you utilize/did you want to utilize in the press release?  How many links are you allowed to have in the press release package you are going to publish this through?
    Also, I would suggest removing the e-mail and putting a contact form page on your site.  This is a good way to get overloaded with spam.sddreamweavers6/2/2008 1:56 AM
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    lolostxlolostx subscriber Posts: 6
    Hmm. I didn`t think about utilization of keywords.  Since this press release is to drum up business for father`s day, the key words I`d like to focus on are - last minute gift ideas,   father`s day gift ideas, creative gift ideas, gift ideas, father`s day gifts, etc.  Based on your question I`m assuming I need to make sure I include more keywords.
    I`m not sure how many links I`m allowed with the PRweb package I`m using.  I`ll have to check.
    I`ll definitely remove my email address.  And the contact form on my website is a great idea - I`ve already noticed some spam to that email address which I`ve posted on my website.
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    sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Keep in mind when creating the press release that you not only have to follow the Press Release writing rules but you need to insert the proper key words wile still making the text natural.
    A great place to start for Keyword research is the Google Adwords Keyword tool:https://adwords.google.com/select/Keywo ... aultView=2
    If you are allowed more than one link in your Press Release use each extra one for a landing page that targets your press release.  Not only that but the links in your press release will be picked up by Google as high PR inbound links. sddreamweavers6/2/2008 7:12 PM
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    The links in your web site will be picked up by Google as high PR inbound links.
    This is absolutely NOT true! An inbound link in-and-of-itself cannot earn PageRank status. Only websites can earn PageRank. For an inbound link to positively affect your PageRank, three things must occur.
    1. The link must be relevant to the overall theme of your website.
    2. The link must come from a website that has a high PageRank.
    3. You have to get a lot of inbound links from quality websites..
    Dale King
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