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Hello from NYC!!!

WebDaemonWebDaemon subscriber Posts: 2
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Hello everyone.  It is great to find a place with so many like minded people.
Here is a little background on myself:I, for the past few months, have been selling wholesale iPhones and Nokia N95`s, and it has been very lucrative thus far.I am currently looking to get into the HDMI business. I have contacts in the manufacturing industry, some have long standing businesses and others are relatively new.  All of the businesses which I have I have deemed as "keepers" have HDMI cables which all pass the compliance tests. And the manufacturers are willing to do OEM cables complete with my own branding and packaging of my choice.I am presently looking for help from my fellow entrepreneurs to assist me in my next phase, selling to retail stores.  I would like to sell to Big Box corporations and am willing to put some one on my team from here who can assist me in this mission.All help is welcome.Thanks,Leon


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    SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Leon and welcome to SuN!
    We are glad that you have found the community. Reach out to those who can help and contribute your own knowledge/feedback and you will find the forums rewarding and helpful. Wishing you good luck on your business.
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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Welcome aboard! You`ll find help on this site you may want to repost your inquiry on the Forums that includes marketing, Like Minded People, etc.Congratulations on your business - wish you great success!  
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    WebDaemonWebDaemon subscriber Posts: 2
    My raw cables are produced by one of the largest and most reputable raw cable manufacturers in the world. They have been in business for over a decade.
    All the cables from here are certified to the same standards as every other reputable cable company. ISO, UL/CSA, etc...I then have them assembled, packaged and branded at another facility.I would like to do rebranding because then I can sell "generic" HDMI cables, which will have the branding of the company selling them.  They will be priced ~$10-$20 below the closest competitors price. I will work with the same principle as the "generic" medicines sold at RiteAid and other pharmacies.  Same product, only branded with the company who is selling, and priced cheaper than the big brands.HDMI cables only cost $2-$3 to manufacture. Maybe an extra dollar if you have exorbitant packaging.  And yet these cables easily sell between $75 and $200 each cable.  The consumer is being cheated by those insane prices.  I intend to sell them ~$50 average.I am looking to hire some one experienced with selling to big box retailers. I will put the person in at a fixed percentage.
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    WebDaemonWebDaemon subscriber Posts: 2
    Already have that taken care of. I have people who work for me who work at every major tech retailer including Apple.
    I have some guys working for me now who are handling the deals with BestBuy and Walmart. If all goes well 8 months from now I could begin to see some $$$.The manufacturer who is rebranding the cables for me will handle all the returns and warranty issues.BestBuy operates 942 BestBuy Stores, 13 Magnolia Audio Video Stores (specializing in high-end electronics), 7 stand-alone Geek Squad Stores, 3 AudioVisions Stores, and 17 Pacific Sales Stores (in SoCal), all of which operate under the retail subsidiary of Best Buy. Walmart currently has 6,200 facilities around the world, 3,800 of which are in the US alone.  I will not discuss Sam`s Club as that operates as a separate entity entirely.One of the more well known HDMI cables on the market is the Monster Cable brand. This brand is made famous because the companies push them out like crack. The reason for this is that Monster grants the companies up to 80% in markups for the company selling them. Which means the $100 Monster Cable (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp ... 8558641926) that BestBuy sells cost best buy $20.  Best buy purchases, on average 25 units weekly per store.If we were only talking about the 942 Best Buy retail stores then this translates to (942*25=23,550)...What that means to monster profit wise? Well, the $100 Cable previously mentioned is ~4` long. Those cost me $2 each. Monster is selling them to Best Buy for $20 each. This leaves Monster with a profit of $18 per cable. 18*23,550 = $423,900 in profit.  This happens on roughly a weekly basis. $423,900*52= $22,042,800 in profit each and every year.It is not a hard job to do single handedly.  Having this run as a one man show is my intent. I currently run a successful iPhone business all on my lonesome. Only the things I cannot, or do not wish to do I outsource, (Warranties, Accounting, Shipping, etc) All the actual business operations are handled by me.Feel free to email me,llamle gmail
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