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lizzylizzy subscriber Posts: 1
My name is Liz and i`m 41yrs old, married w/3 children. There ages are 7,11,14. My husband was a 1st responder from the world trade center and can no longer work due to many health issues from being a volunteer there. We now live on SS disability which in no way compares to the salary he was making prior..We have a saving of about 35k and i would love to start my own business; but...i`m scared to take the leap..what if it`s not successful and i lose our life savings..how would we send the kids to college or even give them anything in life? Well here goes...I have this idea of opening some sort of video game store, game rentals, trade ins,buying  and selling used games and selling new games and systems. Since i live in a place where there is literally no shopping for approx 15-18 miles I feel it would take off. Yes they have video stores here where you can rent games but that is the extent of it..I know i would first have to find a place to rent and than make all the connections to supply my business and get started..I`m just so hesistant and literally afraid to go for it...I don`t even know how to make the right connections...AM I DREAMING OR WHAT??  I`ve had many many jobs working mostly for doctors but they are the ones going to the bank not me...This place is literally busting at the seams with children of all ages.


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    cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    To keep your expenses at a minimum, maybe you should staart by offering those things you mentioned thru the mail.  Pass the word around town that you can get these things for everyone.  That way, you`ll be like a middle man (excute the pun), and won`t have to rent space or purchase inventories.
    Just find drop shippers on the net and get set up.  Just don`t sign up with any that wants you to pay up front.  Thats a sign that they are middle men too.  Legitimate drop shippers won`t ask for a sign up fee.
    Then print up some business cards, and even flyers.  Make a list of items your offering, and your almost there.  Just go get a business license and your set.  Even your kids would come in handy to pass around those flyers.
    If it takes off like you hope, then great.  But if it doesn`t, you won`t be holding inventory and stuck in a lease for a retail outlet. 
    Hope it helps and good luck.
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    First and most important, when you read this, could you go over and shake your husbands hand for me!  He is an American Hero IMHO! 
    Second, the gov of NY and the mayor have announced that there will be more help for families of the second 911 tradagdy (as I call it) there should be more help headed your way.
    Third, apply for grants as well.  There is a lot of money out there and it should go to you and your family just as easy as it would to some one else.
    I did like the idea of cugelert, start small, measure what the success is, then go from there.  Also, use the kids in school to get it going.  I think you will have to have some inventory or people will have to wait to long for what they want.  Also, send out a flyer with the kids to school find out what is hot and what kids like and want then make sure you have that on hand.  Get the gamming magazines and see what is new and what is comming out soon.  Also, think about PC games for rent.  There is a place where I live that does that and it works well for them.
    Good luck, and our prayers are with you and your family!
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