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An excellent free course on how to write press releases

LisaSolomonLisaSolomon subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Public Relations
Joan Stewart, who is know as The Publicity Hound, offers an 89-day free e-course on how to write press releases.  Here`s a summary of what the course covers:
Week 1: Why you must stop writing the standard "old school" press release aimed only at journalists and start writing press releases that anybody can find online...also, essential questions you must ask yourself before you start to write
Week 2: The 6 major parts of a press release--I`ll dissect it so you know the basics
Week 3: How to write the first kind of press release that announces routine news like winning an award or getting promoted
Week 4: How to write the second type of press release that announces bigger news, encourages potential customers to visit your website or call you, and entices journalists to contact you for an interview.
Week 5: How to write compelling headlines that command attention, including the 5 worst headline mistakes you can make
Week 6: Tips on how to keep information in the body of your press release organized and easy to read, and how to write the press release in such a way so that it encourages people to buy from you...TODAY.                   Week 7: "Before" and "after" examples of bad press releases that were rewritten to become great press releases
Week 8:  More examples of great press releases, what makes them great, and lessons you can learn from them when writing your own press releases
Week 9:  Tips for using photos to accompany press releases so you start hearing people say "I saw your photo in the paper!" and so potential customers can see exactly what you`re promoting online
Week 10: How to optimize your press release for the search engines so journalists and everyone else who needs information about what you`re promoting can find it online
Week 11: The best options for distributing your press release so it gets the greatest exposure possible and pulls traffic to your website
Week 12: What to do after you`ve written your press release so it does double and triple duty.
Week 13: Final thoughts, now that you know what you`re doing
At the website (PublicityHound.com), you can also subscribe to a free weekly e-newsletter and download a free e-book on free publicity.
I`ve learned a lot from all of these resources, and they really work.  Our company has been featured in USA Today (cover of the Money section, with photographs and everything) as well as numerous legal industry publications in the US and abroad.  (For a complete list, see www.TheBillableHour.com/inthemedia.php</A>).
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