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Need Your Help...

We have just created a weird site...its called IdeaSplicing.com, the basic idea is for people to put their ideas forward and then knock them around with other people, build on them or splice them as we put it. 
The site includes tools like creating groups etc so people can move those ideas forward...
The help we need is for the first few brave souls to go together, throw some ideas into the ring and discuss, debate, splice them with others and see what happens...
We haven`t seen something like this before and are really interested in whether the web can be used to create something special...


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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Maybe it`s just me, but I believe ideas are a dime a dozen. The problem is that only one of two dozen actually have value. What`s value? It must profit. Profit doesn`t have to be money, but you must get something in return for developing your plan.To be honest, I would likely not participate on a site like the one mentioned because I wouldn`t spend hours searching for the one good idea. I feel that by the time I found the good idea and contributed, the likelihood is that someone else (potentially the original poster) has already found a way to `profit` from it.Let`s face it. There are 24 hours in each day. I sleep 6 of them. I spend about 5 more hours maintaining my life (eat, drink, shower, wash cloths, clean house, pay bills, wash car, grocery shopping, etc.) I personally work seven days a week for 8 hours a day (running my own business isn`t easy for me). Most people spend nine to ten hours a day working when you figure in the travel time to and from work. In my situation, that means there is 5 hours remaining of my day. During that time I maintain my marriage relationship (back massage, watching a romantic movie together, or just being talking) and spend a few hours doing something I enjoy (writing music, playing Chinese chess, or feeding and enjoying the city wildlife). It`s a good thing I don`t own my home, have a pet, or children. Where would I put them in my schedule?So, in order for me to become involved in an online group like this, the site would be competing for my entertainment time. I just don`t see it winning the fight.Why am I here at SuN? Because StartupNation contributes to my education and provides a method for gaining insight into business, marketing, and "life plan" ideas. Therefore, it does help me profit.I don`t mean to sound harsh, but getting together with other so called idea makers just doesn`t seem fruitful if there isn`t a personal connection to each other. That way, as with a musical group, your hobby has a shot at earning a `profit` even though the initial meeting started as a hobby.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    IdeasandInnovations... I`ll give into your latest comment a bit. 
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    efoozleefoozle subscriber Posts: 2

    Maybe it`s just me, but I believe ideas are a dime a dozen. The problem is that only one of two dozen actually have value. What`s value? It must profit. Profit doesn`t have to be money, but you must get something in return for developing your plan.
    I also feel ideas are a dime a dozen   but I believe that each have value,  it is the implementation of the idea  that is also important .     Just because an idea may not work out within its original intent  doesn`t mean it isnt a great idea. 
    Michael TI agree. I have ideas all the time, almost daily in fact. The good thing about posting ideas for everyone to see is that if you just have the idea but don`t do it then someone else can. I personally would love to hear that someone read my idea and made a substantial living off of it.
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    PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    If I have a viable idea - meaning there is a profit potential.  I`m not going to advertise it to the world so someone else can narrow my window of opportunity by being first to market with MY IDEA. 
    I think CraigL nailed it when he called it a sort of "Virtual Reality arcade".. great for those that aren`t actual doers but like the idea of "working" on a "great" idea.
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    jenakajenaka subscriber Posts: 1
    And what is your question?
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    RobAdams4CEOSpaceRobAdams4CEOSpace subscriber Posts: 1
    So, suffice it to say we won`t be hearing from you any more. It looks like we would be looking for those who openly wish to bounce ideas around. I have run into many "invenitve minds" that want to see their ideas taken to market but don;t wnat to be involved at all in the process. I do find many people who can take an idea to market but have no creative ability to develop the idea itself. In these blogs, we should be able to find a happy mix.
    Maybe many individual ideas in themselves are not worth much but working cooperativly, helping each other to polish ideas we can add or plus each other and build a much better idea. Why do you think the automobile looks kike it does today? It`s because we have built upon the original ideas over the years.
    This can be good and bad. Imagine what we might have today if we not started  building upon the horesless carriage using an internal combustion engine.
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