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Guide to website SEO

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
Keywords and Keyword Research:To begin with, it's worth noting the importance of keywords. Keywords are those words that are input into search engines. As such, keywords are a key part of SEO strategy. To enhance the SEO of a website researching and listing effective keywords will be required.
How then, can effective keywords be researched? Overall, there are a variety of on-line tools that can assist in researching keywords. For example, you can start with free online tools such as Google Adwords or Google Trends. With tools such as Google Adwords you can input a URL and it will then provide a number of keyword suggestions, and related stats. With Google Trends you can input a potential keyword and the tool will then provide a graph that displays seasonal trends for the keyword. For example, a keyword such as US Masters will display a large spike around April when this golf championship is played. Of course, there are many other alternative keyword and SEO tools that may be worth your consideration. These include websites such as WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery, and Hitwise. All can provide some good keyword tools to assist with keyword strategy. With a list of effective target keywords these can then be included on the website itself. The keyword can be included on all the pages of the website. Although, it's worth including keywords within the website's anchor text that links to other pages, and within the website's title. However, do not overuse them as keyword stuffing can actually undermine the SEO of the website. Backlinks and pagerank:Another key part of SEO is that of backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites that link back to your own website. Search engines rank websites which have lots of good backlinks higher than those that have fewer. As such, expanding the number of backlinks to your website will also enhance its search engine pagerank, which will put it closer to the top of a search engine's listings.SEO strategy for expanding backlinks can be varied. You can expand backlinks to your own website in a number of ways. Among these there are website and blog directories which websites and blogs can be registered with. Or alternatively, content syndication whereby you can produce articles for other websites and blogs with backlinks linking back to the website is another way that backlinks can be expanded. Social Bookmarking websites:Social bookmarking websites can also be a good way to promote your website and enhance SEO. These are websites such as Twitter and Stumble Upon whereby you can post websites and pages to your favorites with links to the pages. Not only will expanding the backlinks enhance the SEO, but you can also gain followers and expand the potential subscription base.


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