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To VC or Not to VC? That is the Question...

AdvisorGarageAdvisorGarage subscriber Posts: 10
edited January 2007 in Growth Funding
Having participated in this startup financing forum for a while and seeing the questions that have circulated about VCs...wanted to write down our experiences raising $21M of VC funding.
Hope its helpful.


  • zmanzman subscriber Posts: 1
    Andrew -
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and the wisdom you`ve gained from them. This article/blog entry is chock full of great, practical information.
    A tool for budding entrepreneurs to understand the funding side faster and with less pain - right in line with your company mission.
    <<(we started our third company) with no funding at all, just a few friends and duct tape.>> Seems to me that duct tape should be a necessary element of starting any business that has "garage" as part of its name.
    Best, Michael
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