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How to make new employees focused on work

BYTRADEBYTRADE subscriber Posts: 63 Bronze Level Member
Here are a few techniques to help newly hired employees get acclimated and stay focused:
*Adequate Training
Training is a must for new hires. Tossing new employees in the wind to find their own way is a bad approach to helping new employees become a performing member of the organization.
If not enough introduction is offered it won't be long before new staff members lose focus and probably will end up suffering from lower levels of morale and feelings of inadequacy. This is a lose-lose kind of situation.
*Limit Tasks
A good approach is to introduce new hires to all the tasks they'll be responsible for, but do it slowly. Allow them enough time to learn each piece and then let them build upon that knowledge. This way the new member isn't overwhelmed and is able to effectively absorb the details of the job description they need to learn.
When a person is bombarded with too much information at once, aside from being overwhelmed, information filtering tends to happen and the most important details are not always the ones remembered.
After a general overall introduction, break up the job in tasks and focus on one at a time. This will allow the new employee to learn each piece in detail and will feel confident; this will result in higher levels of being focused.
*Open Door Policy
Employees who feel intimidated and not welcomed to ask questions may simply avoid doing so, and this could lead to a new team member being less focused in their job. It isn't because they don't want to do the tasks associated with the job, but because they don't know how and feel hesitant to ask.


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