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Basic Internet Marketing Tools

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edited January 2012 in Marketing
EmailEmail marketing is the online equivalent of direct mail marketing. Companies typically send newsletters to a customer email list. These newsletters contain promotional material such as discounts, product updates and membership exclusive items. You will usually use HTML editing software and email management systems to send newsletters to a wide audience. You would code the design and write the text copy in HTML while the email management system sends the newsletter to all of your subscribers -- sometimes millions of customers at once.WebsiteOnline marketers' primary goal is to create the most engaging website design for their customers. Most marketers create effective landing pages based on aesthetic appeal or functionality. Marketing on aesthetics catches the customer's interest within a few seconds upon landing on the site; pairing high demand content -- such as major discounts -- with a well-designed Web page is a simple way to quickly engage the customer. A functional website focuses on the content's benefits and is typical for service-oriented sites. For example, a comparison site for plane ticket prices usually puts the flight search function and a low-price guarantee upfront. Primary tools include landing-page software; use this to design and upload test-landing pages over a period and collect traffic data from each page.Search EngineSearch-engine marketing utilizes traffic generated from customers using search engines such as Google and Bing. Create a list of keywords that customers would attach to your product; for example, if marketing for a gym, attach highly relevant keywords such as "body building" and "fitness" to the gym. Search-optimization tools such as Google AdWords allow you to bid for top keyword results. Analytical tools track a site's inbound traffic, allowing you to determine which keyword or search method generates the most traffic for your site.Social MediaSince social media's boom during the beginning of the 21st century, many companies are trying to establish a presence within this expanding market. As an online marketer, some companies may require you to create a social media page and engage customers through that channel. Most social media sites provide user-friendly tools to start a company page. Once this page goes live, you must create content, promote a company's products and track customer feedback. Social-media analytic tools will track the results of your social media campaign including impressions and conversion rates -- the percentage of people who, from reading your content, ultimately buy your main product.


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