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My idea, your mobile app devel skills.

leschwaarleschwaar subscriber Posts: 1
I'm a young entrepreneur who has tried various online internet business models over the years. I've made a bit of pocket change, but nothing extravagant. However, I'm out of college now and I want to give entrepreneurship another go-round. I have an idea for a mobile app and eventual social website for which I need development help. I'm looking for the right person who could develop a mobile app from concept to completed product. I'd prefer experience on droid platforms, but if you do apple stuff I'm open to working in that market instead.
My initial business plan involves a creating a free app and then marketing an upsell (pro version) that charges monthly, creating residual income. I plan to incorporate a lot of "invite your friends" incentives to hopefully scale the user base quickly. The market research I've conducted so far has revealed that there aren't any apps currently in existence that perform the function I hope to offer our target market, but there's a lot of potential interest.
If you are a mobile app developer and are interested in partnering with me, please message me. I'm looking for someone willing to donate 50 hours to this project to create a working app we can put on the market. If we can grow a user base and generate income off of that, I would love to work with you further to see how far we can take this idea. If we can't, we can go our separate ways.
Please message me if you're interested and we can start a conversation. Bear in mind that I am only looking for someone who a) achieves excellence in their work, b) is willing to commit to this project at least the 50 hours I am asking to see if it turns out to be a viable business opportunity, and c) is communicative and will be willing to meet with me in person or via skype (or similar) regularly. I'm looking for a partner in this venture, and it needs to be someone I can respect and communicate well with.


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