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Men`s Salon

leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2008 in Selecting a Business
I am in the planning phase for opening a Men`s Salon. I feel that I have the right concept, built strong mission statement and am currently in the process of building a business plan. My biggest question is funding. I am looking for advice on any of the following fronts: Financing, Business Plans, Salons and/or barber shop operations. I am a sponge, hit with what you have.
Lee Sanders
Las Vegas, NV


  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    I did at one point. I wanted to develop my busienss plan before returning to them, but it may be a good idea to tap that resource.
    Thank you for your input.
    leebsanders9/3/2008 4:57 PM
  • cmulharecmulhare subscriber Posts: 0
    hmm, i agree there is some conflict going on. meaning you mention you are an IT person. that is nowhere near what you want to do. mixed signals and mixed message here. which one are you. the old or the new.
    add to the mix, your daughter is the greatest and best thing in your life. no problem with that, i can relate to the daughter thing as a daddy. add two more to yours.
    since your in nevada or even las vegas, well-times are tough there with both jobs and real estate market. although, if maybe spinning and/or switching your mindset about what you really want-IT vs. a men`s salon. which is it? decide and then cater your full marketing to that one area.
    a suggestion might be, nix the IT thing you advertise or claim you are or have transitioned out of. forget it altogether. focus on the men`s salon. that`s it. maybe the price point or clientele. high end folks or middle of the road.
    then find the angels who could fund you along with your biz plan to show them. maybe find someone else who owns a building that has commercial space that you want to do business in. location is key. would it be along the strip? or more into town with the rest of the folks who reside in vegas. if so, then where is the higher end clients residing, or where are the higher end stores? that is if you want the high end client male. oaky maybe you want brad pitt. maybe just the average joe blow down the street. pick it.
    i suppose i`m saying overall here-to go back to finding out the true direction and admit the past is the past and no need to hold unto it anymore. embrace the future. your future-which includes happiness and freedom. realign all of what you do to it. which may nix the IT thing and embrace your daughter into the men`s salon.
    there`s an idea. ponder that for a bit. your daughter with i`ll say the higher end men`s hair salon. that`s it. focus on all that. forget the IT thing, is that not of the past? why are you still honding unto it? somehow it seems it does not work anymore for you......
  • leebsandersleebsanders subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for your response and input!
    Its funny that you mention the past vs the future. I actually started in the hair business before getting into IT. I got into cutting hair when I began cutting my own and buddies while I was in the Air Force. It was the choice over getting the "Ward Cleaver" cut at the base barber shop.
    Once I got out of the service, post 1st Gulf War, I went to school to get my license and to satisfy my creative and business/operational sides. My plan was to one day have my own shop one day. I worked as a stylist but was frustrated with being in the typical salon environment that I look to change. I fell back on the operational skills that I built in the AF and that path eventually led me into the IT world. Over time I have come to realize that I am not using my strengths, but I am also not motivated the same as if I was in the realm that I feel that I fit. I am at ease and often prefer being in charge, (typical Leo - creative leader). Not to mention that I grew up in a small business household, with my parents owning and running businesses.
    As far as my daughter, my hope is that she would see me following my dream, rather than settling. I would want for her to do the same. That would be the example that I would hope to instill.
    Admittedly, part of this process is the courage to take the leap. In my case, I want it to be a very well thought out and calculated leap.
    I feel and think that I have a concept that is frankly a sure win. Now its time to plan the work and then work the plan.
    Thank you again for your response. 
    Much appreciated.
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