Need Advice BIG TIME!

romanfighterromanfighter subscriber Posts: 1
I am a CEO of a new social network company that is about to launch however have two offshore teams that are really slow and not working as efficiently as possible.
I run another fairly successful business at the same time, however know how fast the web 2.0/social networking space is moving at the speed of light and know i have to devote much more time to this business in order to be competitive and successful. I am self funded and sort of boot strapping it along the way. I am the only person (besides my offshore team) and not sure if I should hire a CTO, go with an offshore team to help manage my company and build my company effectively.
Any suggestions? I really need advice as I`ve sunk a lot of money already into this and don`t want to be set up for failure. Should I look for a CTO in the US, or go with a team that is willing to help companies manage and become successful?
Any suggestions would be great! Thanks tremendously!


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