A question for those who`ve invested in restaurants before...

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Why did you do it?
What was the motivation?
When you decided on the person/place to invest in what was it that made you choose them in particular?
To elaborate on what I`m asking... I`ve opened restaurants for others and I`ve salvaged broken restaurants for others but I`ve rarely had contact with the silent partners and smaller investors behind the owner.
I have a very solid background of success for other people, have done some very high profile projects and have excellent credit but have very little by way of liquid assets and don`t have enough equity in my home to fully cover collateral on a loan.
What I need to do then is sell myself and my business plan well enough to cover the additional risk that either individuals or banks will be taking on me. I appreciate any insight as to what the big selling points are from the standpoint of the money people.
QuoVadis1/4/2008 6:40 PM
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