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Osaka calling

TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2007 in New Member Welcome
I`ve been listening to Jeff and Rich`s audio StartupNation for a while now,
and decided to become a member last week. This looks like a vibrant
community packed with practical wisdom!

Very much looking forward to engaging in the community.

Anybody involved in any area of businesses dealing with documentation,
public relations, translation, copywriting...we`ll have a natural base for
interaction. But we all know that entrepreneurial creativity,
problem-solving, ups, downs, all transcend any industry.
Meaning, I`m open to sharing ideas with anybody!

Question: We need to get more web traffic from well targeted searches.
Are there any particular threads here on SEO that have rocked your world?


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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Greetings Translation, and welcome!You`ll definitely want to spend some time hanging out in the SEO & Advertising section.
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks all! I`ll definitely browse around the SEO & Advertising section this week, and make notes.
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3

    I have a very nice neighbor lady who
    lives downstairs, and she speaks only Korean.

    She gave me some bok goli (sp?) and it was great. I wanted to simply
    say, "Thank you" to her, and went all over the Web looking for these
    two things. I couldn`t read the Korean characters, so that didn`t help.
    What I wanted was to type in "thank you," then get a phonetic
    approximation.Just so you know, the transliteration of "Thank you" in Korean is "Kamsahamnida." Just in case your neighbor cooks something for you again. I get your greater point, Craig. If we offer something immediately useful, for free, such as transliterations of common Japanese greetings or some kind of widget, then users would bookmark us, etc. Hmmm... Yeah, we would be wise to keep this idea in mind. Thanks!
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
    Hehe. Great question.

    I`ve been in Korea for business only twice and know only a handful of
    phrases, but I believe you can teach yourself to pronounce kamsahamnida
    by first breaking it up in the following way.

    Kamsa hamnida

    The "a" sounds are like in the the word "pasta."

    The "i" is, as you guessed, like the "ee" in "need" (but shorter).

    The "h" is softened as it is in French, so the second half sounds more like

    Then you can elide the last "a" sound in kamsa with the first "a" sound in
    `amnida, but the stress is on the first sound in `amnida:


    Let me know if you successfully impress your neighbor!
    Translation2007-8-28 23:10:54
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    TranslationTranslation subscriber Posts: 3
    Do any of you happen to know whether Google discounts links that come from a blogger`s "sponsored review"? We bought one the other day from a great writer in Washington, DC:
    See: japantranslation/
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