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Advertising on my web site -- where to start?

LBstartupLBstartup subscriber Posts: 1
I am starting up an online magazine and am still in the planning stage. I am trying to figure out a) where the revenue will come from and b) if I need to hire a web developer to build the site or how much I can do myself. So, I am wrapping my head around selling advertising and I don`t know how to build the pricing structure, what technology is used if I decided to charge advertisers based on clicks, what software to use... my background is graphic design so I think I can at least create the ads, but am lost besides that.Any input would be greatly appreciated. < ="text/">_popupControl();


  • Nessa2shoesNessa2shoes subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, traffic is your number 1 issue.  If it was me, I`d be tempated to start with Google Adsense, and see what kind of revenue you were generating.  It will be difficult to get advertisers that pay by the month or week to have a go, until you have a track record and proven traffic levels.
    If Adsense doesn`t appeal to you, I`d suggest doing a search for "ad brokers" or "contextual ad placement" and see what kind of providers come up.  Most text link brokers will provide an estimate of what you could sell one text link for (on your homepage for example) for a month.  To give you an idea, a website with a Pagerank of 2 or 3 could sell one text link for around $9/month, with up to 10 or so links placed on your home page.  Of course, it`s pretty difficult to get people to buy a link on your site when your Pagerank is 0.  But hang in there and your PR will improve over time.
    Best of luck!
  • LBstartupLBstartup subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for the great input.What is an RSS feed? Feedburner network?Your ideas certainly make better sense for starting out that trying to sell my own advertising.< ="text/">_popupControl();
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Either a blog program (like WordPress) or a Content Management Software application would works for an online magazine.
    Either of those (after set up) you can manage - add articles - without knowing any programing.
    A typical blog application presents your articles in order by date submitted. You can show categories - groups of articles... like this
    Do you have an idea of what you`d like your site to look like?
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