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Video Product Demo?

VandLVandL subscriber Posts: 1
New to the site, found it from the radio program, haven`t even setup our profile yet, but we`ll get there!
Our first product is a Motorcycle Windshield Map Clip. Our company (www.RedHeadGadgets.com</A>) is developing nicely according to plan.   We covered all of our bases by product patent, trademark, WBENC cert, marketing-catalogs, dealerships, grass roots event sales (we are now know as "those ladies in the red jeans":), but we have discovered one unforeseeable marketing glitch and would like any advice please!
We are introducing a new way of motorcycle map reading, a new rider habit, so a bit of retraining is in order.  Event sales are steady as once the rider touches, feels, sees, our customizable clips they love the idea.  Web hits are strong, but little sales. 
We are considering a demo video on our site. Any advice?  Are we headed down the right path?
Thanks in advance for any feedback....
Vickie and Laura


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    A demo video is a good feature to have... you just have to be concerned with the size of the video file. Also, do not just start and play the video, allow the viewer to determine when to play it.
    What format to choose (mnv, av, DivX, flash)..is another decision. Flash/swish is a good choice because 80-95% of people have flash player.
    I`m working on a website right now that will sell golf instruction videos via download... and also have live one to one and group lessons online.
    ~Rolandvwebworld2007-5-27 23:10:18
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    VandLVandL subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you both for the feedback. 
    We`ll look into video formats prior to getting too deep into the idea.
    Could possibly be too much going on in the background of those 3 pics to see the usage clearly....
    Thanks again,
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    jabbitjabbit subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Vickie & Laura,I might have a solution for you.  I`m Co-Founder at a company called www.jabbits.com, and our purpose is to provide sites an easy, inexpensive and effective video solution - specifically for things like product demos, customer testimonials, etc.We have a "video montage" that is easily customizable to the exact look and feel of your site, and the interface is an elegant and intuitive interface that allows multiple video clips to play in a single player.  We`ve also integrated "call to action" buttons that you can add that can link to any shopping cart, purchasing or other links on your page.  Our application is written in Flash, and is extremely secure and lightweight.  I`d be happy to talk you through how it all works - please feel free to call me at 1-877-JABBITS.  You can also check us out on the web at www.jabbits.com.  Hope this is a good option for you - would love to get your feedback!John WilliamsonCo-Founder, Jabbits
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