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The Dangers of Thinking (Only) Big

andreahessandreahess subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Thought Leadership
Lately I’ve worked with several entrepreneurs who are working on
long-term, grandiose projects that are very impressive in their scope.And while these projects are “in the works” … well, nothing else is being created.Least of all revenue.
There’s a hidden danger when we “think big” in business.We pin all of our hopes and dreams on the project that will come to fruition in six months or a year.In the meantime, we tell ourselves that it’s okay to live on our savings, or to put our business expenses on credit cards.After all, the big payday is coming, right?And if things don’t “come together” as intended, well, we still have six months to go, right?
I’m all for big visions and goals in business.
But what is just as important is the skill of
setting immediate, clear intentions, such as “three new clients by the
end of the week” and then making that intention manifest! When we have a clearly defined short-term goal, we are forced to examine our ability to create what we want in our business. The end of the week rolls around, and we’ve either manifested our intention, or we haven’t.If
we haven’t, (and I’m assuming here that “three new clients by the end
of the week” was a realistic possibility) then our process of creating
a desired result is flawed.Obviously, we need to refine that process.
So the next week rolls around, and again we can give ourselves a clear, short-term intention for our business.Again, we may or may not produce the result we want.Again, we will have to examine our ability to manifest our intentions in a real, tangible way.
If we cannot create a desired results three or
four weeks in a row, we need to seriously look at ourselves and our
entire process of business creation.Because - let’s be real here - it’s not working!!!But at least we know it’s not working, and we can do something about it.Usually, it’s not about our marketing or our niche or our services.Most of us are doing all the “right” things in business.Generally,
the inability to create intended results is a reflection of an
energetic imbalance or a problem in our overall manifesting process.
Let’s go back, though, to the entrepreneur that is entirely focused on their six-month or year-long project.The immediate feedback system of setting an intention and creating a desired result – or not - is completely missing.For
six months or a year, this entrepreneur has no idea whether he is able
to manifest a real, tangible result, especially a financial result!And
six months of work and energy, hopes and dreams and considerable
financial investment later, this entrepreneur may realize that his
manifesting process simply does not work.
So while it’s great to have a TV show “in the
works,” or plan on launching a huge corporate training program, we need
to also make sure that we are able to set clear intentions and make
them happen.Even if your business isn’t yet ready to
receive revenue – can you manifest fifty new subscribers to your
mailing list this week?Can you decide that you’ll build your Twitter following by a hundred followers?And if you’re able to receive revenue, are you willing to set an intention with a dollar amount – and make it happen by Friday?
Are you willing to examine whether your ability to manifest what you want is working?Because
if it’s not working on a small, weekly scale … well, it’s not going to
work within a six-month or yearly time frame, either.
You’re invited – set your next short-term business intention and reply below!Make it a tangible result – not a result that is entirely within your control, like “finish writing my business plan.”That’s not manifesting – that’s just discipline.Make your intention something that you receive from your market – subscribers, blog comments, or best of all, actual revenue.
Put your manifesting abilities to the test and see if your business actually works to create real, tangible results for you!
To your abundance,
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