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Hello from The Place State Department warns you about.

Architect4StarsArchitect4Stars subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hello Everyone;
I am currently in Nigeria seeking fortunes and will like to share my experiences and get your advice on how to get Investors interest in my discoveries and proposals. I know many people.  tend to be very skeptical about anything to do with Nigeria. However, wherever the challenge is formidable, the rewards tend to be very high as well. I believe companies such as Lafarge, have discovered this.
So please let me be your ambassador and answer all the questions that you may have. I have lived and designed homes in many cities in the US while residing there for over 25 years. My website is http://www.architecturaldefinitions.com. Please checkout my gallery as well.
Since returning to Nigeria, I have discovered an abundance of opportunities. The challenge here was to filter out a nitche that has little reliance on outside forces. As you are aware, power is unreliable and the best plans include self providence for power, which means Diesel generators. However, I have a plan that could sustain itself, and has  basic Infrastructure products that are in high demand. Companies like LaFarge and Vulcan are already on the ground but are unable to meet this demand. Pricing is at 4-5x as in the United States with huge growth potential.
The recent Oil windfall equates to Infrastructural growth. So here is the math: Already overpriced basic infrastructure products + Higher demand  = What?
I will appreciate if some of you guys will take a look a summary of this plan, and give me your feedback. I currently seek Angel Investor(s) to get this off the ground. You can request it by emailing me larez@architecturaldefinitions.com. Thank you for this great website and for sharing it with us.
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