New member, my little story

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I`m Kristof, a freelance webdeveloper from Belgium (Europe).  I joined because i like the spirit in this community, i keeps me going
I have my own business since 2005, named Small IT-Solutions, that does webdevelopment.  I`m the guy who does the backend of a website.
Started in 2005 i wanted to grow fast and become a big market player in IT-services.  I did spend more time thinking about how to grow instead of doing business, almost cost me my business. Lesson learned.
I did restart my business as a home-based one, Doing the stuff i like (webdevelopement), without the need to own a big company.  "Less is more" is my new philosophy.  It works for me and I enjoy doing business, again. Kristof9/24/2008 4:33 AM
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