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Professional Business Plans vs. unprofessional business plans?

Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Business Planning
Krhale232007-2-28 20:17:56


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    1. Yes the business plan was created  1 year after I was in business. 2. Yes my business plan was created with Business plan 2004 software and the help of my father who is a CPA and one of my college english teachers. 3. What is a professional or unprofessional? Isn`t a business plan supposed to look apealing? 4. The projections where much easier to put together, since I already had one year of information. 5. The financial projection accuracy was on point. 6. Yes, I`ve presented it to investors and have gotten small investments. I think that when the investors start to ask the questions you should know what you are talking about. Make sure you know your business good.7. Its not your business plan that makes you successful, its how much you apply yourself to making your business succeed. The business plan is just a reminder of what your purpose is.
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    Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
    kratt33:Krhale232007-2-28 20:17:27
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