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Project Management Business - Good Idea?

krisveniskrisvenis subscriber Posts: 1
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Hi All,
I would like to leverage my background and talents into a startup business and am looking for feedback on whether the idea would work. My educational background consists of an MBA and a certificate in project management while my professional background consists of both project and resource management.  I get excited and motivated by coming up with and implementing ideas that make life easier/more efficient.
My business idea is to consult and implement projects for small to medium size businesses. Not payroll, accounting and administrative work which I believe are already covered by businesses out there.  Rather, I am interested in starting a business managing projects that take the business owner away from their core business.  Examples would include: determining which payroll company to hire for the small business and follow through until the payroll is outsourced, analyzing the right office location for a business and managing the project until they are moved in, determining the right type of website for a business and manage the project with the developer (including choosing the developer) until the site is up and running. 
Does this business idea resonate with any of you small business owners?  Can you think of a time when you would hire someone to do this? 
Thanks for any and all advice!


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    SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    In my career, I have worked with a number of independent project managers who are doing exactly what you are considering. Most that I have worked with provided services related to the design and construction of new facilities. These managers serve as the owner`s representative and work with the architect and other members of the design team during the planning of the facility. When construction begins, they continue to work with the design team and contractor to see that the facility gets built properly. They then handle the planning and logistics of moving into the new facility and getting everyone settled in.
    The owner hires the project manager because he or she does not have the time or inclination to handle the tens of thousands of little details that a major construction project and relocation requires. Often, the project manager already has completed numerous projects for other companies and brings a level of experience that is invaluable to the owner..
    I also know of another project manager who does something similar but specializes exclusively in technology projects; e.g. wireless networks, boardroom audio/visual systems, telephone systems upgrades, etc.  He doesn`t sell or install the equipment, but helps design the systems, selects a vendor, and oversees the installation and training.
    In most cases, the project manager charges an hourly or monthly fee for services for the duration of the project. I think that to some degree, you need to specialize in the types of projects that you will manage because no one can be good at everything.
    There is a definite need for this type of service - I would strongly encourage you to go for it once you figure out the specific niche in which you could provide the most value.
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