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Educate me about On-line Seminars

kpowellkpowell subscriber Posts: 1
Does anyone have experience with setting-up and conducting on-line seminars on their website? If so, I would like to hear about your experience and find out what software / technology is required.
I have plenty of experience teaching seminars (and consulting) in-person, one-on-one and in small groups up to 25 people. Now, I would like to cast a wider net by offering my seminars and consulting services on-line.  
My seminars and consulting focus on introducing first-time product designers to the process of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing their sewn products --soft goods such as clothing, accessories, toys, home dec, gifts, etc. 
I look forward to your input. Thank you.


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    zeppzepp subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Karen,

    I have not conducted a seminar myself, but have conducted several
    online meetings to groups of people. For that I always used WebEx
    online conferencing, which worked quite well for powerpoint-type
    slide shows, software demonstrations, etc. That service might help
    you as well if you`re planning to do live seminars.

    You also might consider a "broadcast-type" approach, where people
    either purchase DVD`s or pay to purchase access to pre-built online
    presentations using web video or Flash. For a lower cost to the end
    user, you can possibly reach an even wider audience and it would
    eliminate the need for you to be part of the process each and every
    time. Food for thought anyway.

    Good luck with this!
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    watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Karen,
    I dont have any experience with it but when you do find out I would be interested in taking your online seminars. 

    I used to sew my own wedding accessories and other gifts and sell them.
    Mostly to co-workers, family and friends although I did sell some things from a a wedding store also.

    So please keep me posted as I am interested
    Thanks so much

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