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Please Critique my Decluttering Website

KlutterXpertKlutterXpert subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Website Critique
please critique my decluterring business website; www.klutterxpert.com
Klutter Xpert
KlutterXpert4/3/2008 10:52 PM


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Wow, where did you get a picture of my office?
    No, wait, my chair only has four wheels.
    It`s a pretty well done site, but I had to search for your service area.  I would make it part of your banner.  On second look, you do, but I didn`t see it the first time.  Also, do you have any before and after photos?
    Finally, I wouldn`t use "site" to describe the client`s physical location.  On first glance, I thought you meant that you would visit my website.  Change: "your site" to "your location in Olympia".
  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Klutter Xpert,
    I think your website is great.  The home page photo is scary, a real attention grabber.  You explain your services and benefits very well.  You made me want to hire you for my husband`s office - I clean it out about twice a year and he still manages to reclutter it pretty quickly.  So for about 10 months out of the year, I just keep the door closed.  Great job on the website!
    Here is another idea:  Since you have services rather than products that you sell, and you have to serve people in person, I found myself wondering if maybe a blog would be a better "website" for you.  You could develop your reputation as an expert by offering organizational tips on your blog.  The people who need to hire you are the ones who won`t or don`t have time to use your tips themselves anyway, and maybe those of us who could use the tips because we don`t live in your town might end up referring you to a friend.  Blogs seem to have better visibility on search engines too. 
    I came across an entrepreneur in my field who uses her blog as her website and I found it intriguing.  If you want to look at it, it`s metrosupial designs.
    I guess my only suggestion for your current site is testimonials.  Have one on the home page.  Have a short testimonial on every page if you can. 
    Hope that helps.
    studiocherie4/4/2008 1:54 PM
  • KlutterXpertKlutterXpert subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for that suggestion...I made the changes. 
    Time to start cleaning your office, it can only make you business better.
    Klutter Xpert
  • SiteFlipAcademySiteFlipAcademy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello there,
    I have just checked out your site and it rocks! I like how you organize your content. And by the way maybe a little touch on your header, maybe putting your company logo on it or a cool design to make it perfect.
  • KlutterXpertKlutterXpert subscriber Posts: 1
    thanks...will get the logo up there as soon as I can.
    Klutter Xpert
  • cspeltscspelts subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow is that picture real. That is amazing. I loved your site it grabbed from the homepage. I would try to add some content in the right column on some the pages that have nothing. Even if it is contact info ect..
    Great job and good luck with future business.
  • RayaRaya subscriber Posts: 1
    I really like your website. It`s simple and very understandable and if you were in the Washington DC area, I would definately hire you.


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