How do I sell advertising to local resturants?

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I want to sell advertising to local places like pizza and chinese restuarants. How do I go about selling advertising to them? Do I send them a letter, go in person, show samples, i don`t know?


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    Even though I answered this question privately, via the PM you sent me. I`ve decided to answer it again pubicly, for the benefit of the forum.
    To bring everyone up to speed, Prodigy sent me a PM stating he wants to sell refrigerator magnets to local restaurants. This is what I told him:
    Assuming you have all of your ducks in a row, including suppliers, you should take samples of your magnets and place them on some sort of portable display board or portfolio and start knocking on doors.
    I sold refrigerator magnets twenty years ago, and this is the method I used. It works like a charm.  I sold a ton of magnets.
    By the way, it also helps to be a competent salesperson.
    In addition, unless you live in a fairly large city, you`ll run out of restaurants to sell to. Why limit your opportunities? Nearly every type of business is a potential customer.
    Dale KingDKing2007-6-22 17:58:32
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