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Webinar Business Tips?

05mustang05mustang subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited February 2008 in Selecting a Business
Does anyone on this forum have tips or experience on how to successfully run a webinar business or know of a good source for information?
I work in a professional industry that`s in high demand and I want to bring my experience to smaller companies at an affordable price. My goal is to provide clear and practical seminars that are more than "infommercials" for my service.
I love demistifying complex areas for my clients, empowering them with key information, and giving them real actionable advice. These will be "No Fluff" seminars.  I`ve written articles in business publications with this practical approach and have received very positive feedback (not to mention a client or two).
Question is, I know how to set up a webinar with Gotowebinar, etc. but how do you market a webinar?  I have visions of 500-1000 attendees per seminar but don`t know exactly how to drive these numbers. 
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
05mustang2/22/2008 6:56 PM


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    This is big business, webinars and telecenferences. We are currently working with large seminar companies, from life coaching to medical research and building never seen before plaforms. The learning annex has a great platform, you may want to see what they are doing. We are hoping to work with them using our new platform. Web ex is a good start if you are building your base.
    stonesledge2/24/2008 12:27 PM
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    adrina34smitadrina34smit subscriber Posts: 0
    Webinar is the best way to tell people about the services you are providing through your business or pros and cons of your business. As webinars are attended by 500-1000 people at a time, so its the best way to influence a huge amount of traffic towards your business. But webinar alone is not enough for attracting traffic. 100 people who attract towards your business from some other ways are better than 1000 attending the webinar.
    I would like to advertise your business through web or media as much as you can rather than scheduling webinars because it can cost you a lot and the same amount of money you can utilize in advertising your business through other medium.
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