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Business Idea - Customer Service Training

kimtheagentkimtheagent subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Selecting a Business
hi everyone! this is my first post and i need opinions and help. i have an extensive background in customer service - i was a call center rep, call center manager, call center trainer, and now i`m a business analyst in the call center. i HATE bad customer service to my passion is to teach others how to provide it.
do you think this business will work for me? there are a lot of existing companies, but i still think i can be successful since i`m so passionate about it.
does anyone have any good resources for finding info on this? i tried several searches but not a whole lot is coming up.
thank you!


  • MichaelStoneMichaelStone subscriber Posts: 0
    You can do anything you set your mind to.  Yes, I believe there is a market out there.  But to Steve`s point,  it is your passion that will determine your success.  Your passion is what will determine your drive and determination to do the neccessary work:
    Developing a Plan (Creating your Vision)
    Devoting Yourself to Self-Study:
       Self- Development
       Who am I meant to Serve?
       What are their needs
       What don`t I know, about what I don`t know...
    Serve the people you were meant to serve.
    Your Passionate about eliminating poor service needs to
    coincide with a desire to serve the best interests of your
    audience.  It is no longer about you, rather it`s helping others
    to embrace your passion in a way that benefits their organization.
    Go For it!
    Good Luck!
    Michael Stone
    MichaelStone9/8/2008 11:55 PM
  • Hari_MulyoHari_Mulyo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi kimagent, i like ur passion about delivering the best customer experiences. It is an integral part for any company.
    Maybe someday im gonna asked ur expert advice too.

    Ok now lets get on to ur question

    First of all, ur experiences and passions in handling / setting up a great customer services ( Call centre) is what i consider as "Technical Expertise"

    So Let assume u already have a great technical expertise, then as a employee, you will do great and a valuable asset for the company you worked in.

    However to set up a business, u need to another passion called "business passion" to set up ur business,

    Are u good at interpreting what ur client want ?
    Are u patient enough to compromise with ur unique client demand ?
    Are u willing to learn any breakthrough regarding ur field ?
    If u have employee or co worker , are you willing to take care of them and make sure they work the right way ?
    Do you have marketing experiences to promote your services ?
    Etc etc

    So in order to succees in ur business , you need to move on to learn all the business expertises to help you propell ur businesses performance

    And one thing, set a realistic target, because for me success is when you acomplish your goal, so if u have no goal, it is impossible for you to success

    This is just my humble opinion, so feel free to critizise me beside my english :p

    Good luck and all for the best
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