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Startup offering services to other new companies?

EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
edited January 2008 in Business Planning
I am in the process of starting up an event planning business with a specialty in corporate events like promotions, product launches, fundraisers etc. The idea would be to find companies that aren`t large enough to have in house event planners, but who could still afford and benefit from some great promotional events to expand and promote their businesses. By finding companies that are also fairly new, i can hopefully, help their company in its early stages and get some repeat business from them down the line as they expand.
My problem is, trying to find companies that meet that demographic so i can target them. Does anyone know of good references and resource sites where i could find that kind of information? Lists of companies that have started up in the last year? I am not limited to a specific business field either, though it seems like my best bets for business and repeat business would be in computer, technologies or biotech (at least in the San Francisco Bay Area) but i am open to anything at this point to get the ball rolling. Are there other places i should focus my marketing efforts to get more exposure to those types of businesses?  Should i try to pitch to Markteting/PR firms to  make agreements with them to trade services?
Any help would be much appreciated.


  • MalteMalte subscriber Posts: 4
    I don`t know what it would be like where you are at, but as mentioned there is usually some sort of register (didn`t you register your own company? Try there). A good advice would be strategic partnerships with advertisement agencies. In my experience, these people use a lot of event planning services (mostly they don`t have that in-house), so that could be a good booster for your business.
    Good luck!
  • DAlnBDAlnB subscriber Posts: 0
    Many printing companies also do direct mailing at a small additional cost. You have your printing done there and they mail the product to potential customers. They have marketing lists that target the group or groups you are interested in` you identify the group and they do the mailing. This has several benefits; you get your information to the people you want (potential customers) it is professionally done, it is a connected effort (from your idea through the printing and distribution process, to the customer), and, the printer probably has bulk mailing status so the mailing cost is less. Start by talking to several printing companies; locally or through the internet. Local is generally best as you can work on a day-to-day basis and they are more customer oriented.
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