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Just My Touch Custom Cleaning

youngmomatworkyoungmomatwork subscriber Posts: 3
edited December 2007 in Website Critique
Hello SuN,
     I need for some people to review my website and tell me what you think. Constructive critisim is welcome and also any positive feedback. The website is WWW.JustMYTouchCC.Com.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    1) Your pages are much too wide.
    2) The background green is almost too intense. Bright colors are ok, but none of the coloring on the main page works together.
    3) The text on top of the images doesn`t work; it doesn`t stand out to be easily readable.
    4) You don`t state anywhere what geographic area your service is in; I assume its Georgia, as that is at the bottom of the main page, but without searching and assuming, who is going to know where you offer your services at? What are your hours? What days do you work on?
    5) Services; put in a bulleted list next to the image, not a paragraph on top of a picture.
    6) The animated graphics are cute, but don`t give off a professional image.
    7) SEO .... pretty nonexistent. Webline12/4/2007 6:28 PM
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    topthoughttopthought subscriber Posts: 0
    For me, a cleaning business should have a super clean site. I would expect to see very little color, simple lines and fonts, and well organized content. The imagery should be of what I could be spending my time doing instead of cleaning, because I hired you to clean my house. When people hire you they are trading money for freedom. Show them what that buys.
    Also, I would invest in a professionally designed logo.
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    youngmomatworkyoungmomatwork subscriber Posts: 3
    Webline I want to thank you for looking at my site and I have taken everything that you said into consideration. My goal was to build a website a little different than the other cleaning service websites but I guess to some it may be a little over the top,so if you have any ideas on how to make it different than some of the other websites out there I would like to hear them. Also, as far as my hours and the days I work I did not put that on there because it varies depending on what type and how many  jobs I have to do and it also depends on the clients availability so basically my hours are kind of wide open. But thank you so much
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    youngmomatworkyoungmomatwork subscriber Posts: 3
    CarigL I would like to thank you for your comments also and you are right about the width of the page.
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    oboyoboy subscriber Posts: 3
    Your title tag on your frontpage shows the word “Blank”. I would change this to “Just My Touch Custom Cleaning”.
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