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Do you think it could work?

WillgWillg subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
This is my first post on this forum, thanks for taking the time to read it. I am a college student who really wants to start my own business at first part time then expanding after graduation.  In doing the life planning activities I found that one of the things I really is enjoy, and am quite good at, finding things for much cheaper than their retail value.


  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    Very interesting idea and congraduations on the purchase of your wedding ring...you will have to explain to me sometime how you did that.However, back to your business idea, i think the toughest thing would be to explain to companies who already have someone doing it, even if it is just their assistant to have you do it.  Also if we are talking about office supplies it would be hard to brake the contracts some companies might be in.  Or if it is major equipment there are probably to few suppliers of that equipment to have any major impact on price.I think it would be a really tough sell as a stand alone "product/service" however if you added it to some other service it could give you a great leg up on the competition.Ps Send me an email in regards to the purchase of your wedding ring, i`m in the market myself and I would love some advice.
  • stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    What would be your investment if you gave it a shot? Some business
    cards, a cell phone? Doesn`t sound to me like there`s much downside.

    Knowledge has value. If you can do what you say, no doubt there`s a
    market. Start out with a no-risk guarantee. If you can`t deliver at
    least a specified savings they owe you nothing. You could probably make
    a good living buying diamond rings for people who have more money than
    time but still wouldn`t mind saving enough to pay a good part of the
  • WillgWillg subscriber Posts: 2
    Going into gems might be an idea, but to say something about the original.
    My thoughts weren`t guaranteeing getting  the best price, but getting a better price than you`re getting now.  I`d have to ask what you need, when you need it and then what you`re paying now.
    Then I`d shop around, and see if I could beat it.  If I can`t you don`t owe me a dime, only the cost of the product and you didn`t waste any more time searching than calling me and saying what when and how much.
    I think you hit on the real appeal of the service.  It`s not how much you save, that`s a bonus, it`s how much less hassel you`ve got to deal with.  It`s like having an assistant who`s even more motivated to save you time and money because they only pay if you get a price you`re already paying or better.
    As for bundling with other services, I was thinking that networking with concierge, book-keeping and virtual assistant programs would be a good way to create business. 
     Willg2006-10-19 18:46:3
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