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A month or so ago, there was a lively discussion here about the business of massage therapy. I ran across an article about the business - people in this business might enjoy it,
Coming to a Mall near you: Massage
I ran across the article through Marcia Yudkin`s "Marketing Minute" newsletter and she makes some great points about this type of service business coming to malls:

Nearly a quarter of Massage Envy`s customers had not ever had a paid massage. In this way, the franchise is increasing the overall market for the service, noted the article, quoting a customer who would not have ventured into a day spa or a massage therapy studio.
Likewise, the very existence of low-cost massage helps reposition the service as an affordable indulgence rather than a luxury, encouraging more frequent usage.
Providers who can demonstrate their greater experience or specialty skills (massage for athletes, pregnant women, accident victims, etc.) can most easily maintain their fees in the face of mall-ization.
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