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eNewsletters Work

keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
edited May 2006 in Marketing
Good morning,
Ran across a great article this morning about a Wine & Spirits shop owner who has learned how to use an eNewsletter to dramatically increase sales. Some excellent points in the article for anyone considering doing an eNewsletter. In addition, the story includes a link to sample newsletters mentioned in the article.
Worth a looksie. http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=27451</A>


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    GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I think eNewsLetters are the way to go. It helps to keep the customers very close to your business. Customers will feel part of your team. I had success with it in the past. Newsletter will help you grow your client base fast.
    This article should help me improve the letters that I send out. It makes a huge different on the return rate.
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    davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    Great article, I like his comments about being a reporter, which I believe most people miss when doing a NEWSletter!

    Thanks for posting it.
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    larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    Actually enewsletters is how I make most of my money online. I`ve been doing this for a couple years now. I have one list that generates over $1,000 a month, pretty much every month like clockwork. And that`s usually only getting 1 sale a day from it. I use Aweber to manage my lists which I have about 20 going right now. 
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    DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
    Congratulations on your income stream then.  Probably the two biggest barriers to an effective newsletter are proper solicitation permission (Many businesses don`t spam but may partner their mailing lists with one that does) and originality.
    Products that are filled with ambiance like food or wine are easy to report on but other things such as electronics or real estate might be tricker aside from general tips.   One way to fill the gap would be to look at how the pros do it (Cnet or MONEY in this case) and hire a freelance journalist or journalism student who`s willing to do content quickly and for a fair price.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    On the topic of eNewsletters, when you produce or receive a
    newsletter, what topics or features would you like to see?
    Remember this is an eNewsletter about your business and not
    intended to be the daily or monthly news paper. I think
    something short, but what about content types? For example. I
    would say an eNewsletter should include the following topics:

    Updated product or service listing
    Upcoming events involving your product or service
    New website features

    What else do you think is essential when drafting or reading
    eNewsletters (you have signed up for)?
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    larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    Also on that topic, I know a lot of people shy away from HTML formatted newsletters but I like the way they look and more people are able to view HTML in their email software so I just think it gives it a more appealing look. Aweber has some very nice templates that I use. I always stick to one template for any given newsletter once I start using it, this way your readers become familar with the layout.I keep mine to about two or three paragraphs at most. I also usually try to build at least 5 or 10 in advance so that I don`t have to worry about it for a while.
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    VickiJVickiJ subscriber Posts: 6
    What great ideas! And thanks, Richard, for introducing us to another useful site.
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    VannieVannie subscriber Posts: 0
    Has or does anyone use Constant Contact for their newsletter? I would like to start sending eNewsletters sometime this summer and this was suggested to me.  I will be checking out aweber now as well.
    Also, thanks for the link Richard, this article is very helpful to me.
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