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Any body can give me ideals on my website?

kevinzhangkevinzhang subscriber Posts: 6
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
Hi everyone, I just amend my website, www.cn-crystal.com</A>this is my second time to do my website, I have 153 links in yahoo, but no in google, and my pr is zero. Can anybody give me some ideals for seo?Also I hope can exchange links with you, if you like, I am working hard to do my website seo.ThanksKevin


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Ok, the good news is your site is indexed by Google. You can enter your URL on this search engine saturation tool and see the results.
    The "site map" you have at the bottom of the page links to a google site map.., it should not be linked on the page, but the xml file uploaded to Google. In its place you should put an hmtl site map (that lists all your pages with links to them all). The same program that created your xml file should be able to produce your html sitemap.
    The "title" for each page is too large - too many words. Search bots will not read all of it nor can anyone visiting your site read it all.
    Most of the links on yahoo are from forum posts. I suggest working on getting links from SEO friendly directories and quality and relevant in-bound links. Here is a directory tracker tool  to track your progress through directories. You can indicate if your site is included with that directory, pending approval, rejected or you are not considering that directory. You can also check if your website is already included in these directories by using the search feature.
    As Craig noted the link to the whole paragraph should change. Also, I expect to be able to make a purchase or at least get more information when I click on a product. I see that you are looking fo OEM orders - and ask people to email or telephone you about ordering. That process is counter to the purpose of an apparent ecommerce website.
    A link to more information about each product would be nice. I suggest you at least add an online form for people to compete - to express an interest or to capture any order information you require.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    As far as your backlinks, Google always shows less than other engines. I believe it tries to factor in the assumption that many sites not topically related may be linked to you. Your Pagerank will gradually increase as Google recognizes incoming links. Remember though that PR is not necessarily an indicator of where you will be in SERP`s, but an indicator of your incoming links. If you can get links from a few authority or high-ranking related sites, your PR should jump up a bit.You also have a lot of code in relation to your content....style and font tags that could easily be put into a css file.
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    NenamusNenamus subscriber Posts: 2
    I like the site you made and it looks realy nice. I hope your web based part of your business takes off with the advice you have been given. By the way, I got a great idea for a website when I read this fourm, thanks.
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    kevinzhangkevinzhang subscriber Posts: 6
    One issue that I noticed at first, is that you have two versions of your homepage. Many people will link to your domain name, and you also have internal links to http://www.cn-crystal.com/index.htm.I would also consider adding product descriptions, and other unique text to your site.
    Good ideals, i will improve my blog to introduce my products and crystal.
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    austinluthersaustinluthers subscriber Posts: 0
    As per the your website concern i like to say you have to done lot of activity for your website but not get good result which you want. Today there are so many SEO companies available that offer best SEO strategy at very affordable cost and that might be very useful for you. As per the your website concern i like to say that you need to do some SEO activities such as Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Pay Per Click,Blog commenting,Forum posting, Article submission,Press release etc are play very important roll to achieve good ranking and traffic in Google.
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