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Please help me name my business!

ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
Well, I`m ready to jump in with both feet here, I just need a great name.
I`m starting my own market research consulting firm, aimed at startups and small businesses to help them be better in touch with their target markets to understand how to meet the needs of current and future customers.  In my experience, a business owner can get very caught up in their product or service, fall in love with it, so to speak, and fail to see it from the point of view of the customer.  The main question, "who is my customer and will they pay money for this?" falls by the wayside in the excitement and passion.
I offer a fresh perspective, market research know-how and an objective voice of the market, and my mission is to help facilitiate the communication process between business and customers.  I believe that magic happens when businesses understand what customers need and want.  Lives literally change when this happens!  Businesses benefit, consumers benefit, everyone is better off.
So, back to the subject at hand...a business name.  I`ve thought of Market Speak (or Market Speaks)...with the tagline...Are You Listening?
However, a google search shows me that the term "marketspeak" is NOT what I have in mind.  "Market speak" means jargon-filled blah-de-blah designed to impress.  Basically, market speak is a deroggatory term.  Bad idea.
I`ve thought of a few other names, trying for the same idea...Market Link, Market Talk, Market Abuzz, etc.  Not really doing it for me.
I`ve also played around with some other names, the best of the bunch being Esteem8 (pronounced "estimate").  While cute and catchy, I think it highlights the uncertainty...why would someone pay me to estimate for them when they can estimate for themselves? 
Feedback?  I`m going out of my head with this!
Thanks in advance,
Kellyethos2007-1-28 12:16:13


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    yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    I always like simple names that are easy to remember.My vote would be for: Market Research Consultants Inc. Good luck,Aleem
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Kelly, I recommend you check out a book called POP! by Sam Horn. She has a lot of good ideas for coming up with catchy names that people remember.
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    ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your kind responses!
    Aleem--thank you for reminding me that simple can also be good.  It`s possible that I may be overthinking this and a reminder to keep it simple is a good one.  Thank you. 
    Krista, I`d be happy to help your friend!  Part of my mission is to educate...teach business owners how important market research is, and how they can do it themselves!  Of course, I`m also hoping that they`re too busy and will just want to hire me to do it for them... ... Thank you for the suggestion.  I love how you saw that in my own words.  Hmmm...
    Steve, thank you for the book suggestion, I will check that out.
    Craig, thank you...it`s a good point you make about the tagline.  I like your suggestion about Market Position, but to me that term implies that my firm will help you define your market position. I do see my role as more diagnostic...how do your customers view you?  What do they want from you?  Are they satisfied?  Are they defecting?
    Although, part of my job is not only to diagnose, but also to suggest strategic moves to help address issues that the research uncovers, so in that sense, I might be assisting in a market positioning effort...but to me "Market Position" is more of a marketing planning type business...there may be enough of an overlap that it may be applicable.  Food for thought. 
    Thank you for all your responses!  The wheels are definitely turning!
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    ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
    Someone on another board suggested Market Ability...that`s a serious frontrunner!
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    yourvirtualassistantyourvirtualassistant subscriber Posts: 1
    "Market Ability" has a great ring to it and also gives off a positive "vibe", you have the ability to market! But will it tell prospective clients what you want them to know about your business? Just a thought.
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    ethosethos subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve snagged marketabilityresearch.com .  Doesn`t mean I`m married to the name yet, but it secures it so that if I want it, I can have it...and doesn`t cost  more than a couple movie tickets.
    I think if done correctly, having this URL can add information for my customers because Adriana, you`re right...the name is not as informative as it could be.  It`s positive, it`s catchy, it`s got those fun double meanings, it`s got personality (all attributes I like to think that the owner has as well ....LOL) But it`s not real informative.  If this is the ultimate name, I`m going to have to rely on my tagline and other cues to inform my customers of exactly what I can do for them.
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