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Need Promotional Video Advice

beautifullifebeautifullife subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2008 in Marketing
I`m in the process of trying to find a local company to shoot a 2-3 minute promotional video. I`m looking for something professional but not too sleek.It will be used on my website. Problem is, the quotes I`m getting are all over the place ($500 to $3500).  
As this is not my area of expertise, anyone have any suggestions on what to look for? 


  • aihanmiaihanmi subscriber Posts: 0
    We had a similar problem when looking for silkscreeners for my wife`s fashion business.  Make sure your quotes are apples-to-apples.  Will you be getting exactly the same service for the $500 quote as the $3,500 quote?
    If you`re near a university with a film program there are usually students available with outstanding skills that can do projects such as this for less.  Also try local access cable channels which frequently have volunteers on staff qualified to do these things.  Wedding videographers might be an option as well.  And don`t forget to ask everyone you know if they know someone.
    Keep at it and you will find a reasonable deal!
    All the best,
  • dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    We hired a college student... $500 plus expenses. Pros go for $4-$10K and up. His web site is www.bluebirdyou.com. Take a look to see what he can do to get an idea of what`s possible using students trying to break into the market.dsprindle7/19/2008 7:57 PM
  • macwritermacwriter subscriber Posts: 0
    Determine in your own mind what quality of video you want; remember you`re marketing your business, people will make judgments instantly about your credibility based on the production values of your video. If it looks like a college kid did it, they may wonder if you have such a great biz, why can`t you afford a decent video.
    It doesn`t have to look like a Steven Spielberg production either, but there`s a general level of good you should shoot for.
    Ask for sample DVD or online samples of their work. And yes, be clear on what all the costs will cover-be sure the price they quote will take you from start to finish. Be clear on who will audition any talent, scout any locations and such, though you may be considering doing all of that yourself.macwriter7/20/2008 8:20 AM
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