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New Site - Novice Seeks Advice..

MaximusMaximus subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
I just launched my new site www.sayitwithicecream.com.  It is an ice cream cake/treat delivery site geared towards folks that want to send a message in a unique way...write it on a cake.  It is perfect for parents of college students away from home who want to wish them Happy Birthday or for Businesses to send a unique "thank you" etc....  I am new to eccommerce and would love some honest feedback.  This is still a work in progress and I know I am missing some keywords on some pages but any advice would be welcomed.


  • MaximusMaximus subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you sooo much.  Very helpful info.  I appreciate you taking the time to look and give me advice.
  • MaximusMaximus subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks a bunch.  I read your posts often and truly respect your opinion.  I do have a bricks and mortar store and after I read your comments and go back to my site, can see how I am not pulling them to a direct action.
    I love this community, everyone has such great ideas.  Thanks again.  Come back to the site in a few weeks after I rework it.....Have a wonderful labor day.
  • The site is simple and to the point. You may want some occasional specials. What are your specific questions. Submit all your links to google.com. Search engine optimizations is good. This guy is pretty good. One of the cheapest on the market. ebrandz.com
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Yes, the football looks unappetizing.
    I don`t like the small font, but that is my 50+ year old eyes.
    Don`t use contractions.  They don`t translate for people who don`t speak English well, or for visually-challenged people using a text to voice reader.  Especially when you don`t use them correctly.  ("You`re" when you mean "your" the possessive.  You`re is a contraction of `you are`).
    Most of your text is also loaded with a lot of punctuation and capitalization errors. 
    Who writes these wordy rambling "privacy policies"???  Yours is one of the worst I`ve seen.  Why don`t you just say: "We respect your privacy (LOL) and we will use your information any damn way we want unless you opt-out after the fact.  Oh, and you`ll have to look hard to find the opt-out option because we hid it somewhere that you will never look."
    What do you really mean?
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