How to start my business?

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Hello my name is Dr Jerry Katzman and I thought a lot about starting an online business, it sounds
very convenient. I still have to learn a lot about running a business
like this, I`m thinking for the beginning to hire a company wich has
the know-how to help me get it started. I thought it`s easier and more
profitable to build a business like this, the costs for starting an
e-commerce business will be reduced. I have some quesitions though:
        What are the milestones in creating such a business? Is
promoting the business so difficult as most of the people consider? Do
you need many employees for this? Many partners? What should I be aware
Thank you for your help. 


  • kevinzhangkevinzhang subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi, there are two things you need to know I think, one is, do you know how to start a online business? Second is what product do you want to sale online?
    Is this clearly in your minds?
    It is only my ideal.
    Good luck!
  • businessbymittiebusinessbymittie subscriber Posts: 1
    My company, Business Support by Mittie can help you. We write business plans, build websites and help you obtain a Tax ID and get set-up. We can even help you get your LLC. Please visit our website, and contact us asap!
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